New speakers

Bought them on a whim yesterday at Best Denki. I was really just looking for an ipod dock. I could just as easily have solved my speaker problem by repossessing the speakers my brother koped for himself when I was away. But these looked so snazzy. They’re Harman Kardon soundsticks iii.

soundsticks at night. you’re probably wondering about the sound quality. It’s pretty good. the bass is some powerful stuff, but at least they allow you to turn it down. The subwoofer is huge for one. And the speaker faces down, so if the lunacy ever came upon me to hold a dance party, I would be well equipped to shake the floor. I can’t really give you specific details about the rest of the ranges, mainly because I can’t tell, plus the sound is piped in through an 1/8 inch audio jack, which already compromises the sound quality so it seems pointless to compare the 鸡毛蒜皮 oh my goodness look at my chinese improving by leaps and bounds. anw the online reviews say the high frequencies don’t yield much detail, so they thicken the mid ranges to make up for it. This is of course not obvious all the time, only with certain inputs. I tested it with Arvo part and then played some Tim Hanauer on it. The Arvo Part was satisfactory, so. Besides there was a lot of background noise in the store so you can’t really tell if the sound is brittle, but you can tell if Fratres is being piped out effectively. All that aside, look how pretty it is!! It’s so pretty it’s a freaking exhibit in MoMA. Also I claimed the full price of this so I didn’t have to pay a cent.

also, we strolled around in art friend today (i finally got membership considering how wantonly we’re throwing money at that stupid store because of all their scrapbooking supplies and magnet making supplies etc. etc. and how one conveniently opened at BV MRT. we’ve started making our own magnets because of how horrendously expensive magnets are outside. We’ve got whiteboards lining our cubicles and we wanted magnets to pin things up on them but the cute ones in NBC or even popular are like $6 for 6 magnets! That’s ridiculous! So we’ve been buying ceramic magnets from Art Friend and decorating them ourselves, which is a whole lot cheaper. ) and bought three sticks of sealing wax. I have this letter ‘I’ stamp I bought at the Frankfurt christmas market ironically in Birmingham – the guy made it look really cool but the silver glitter thing that is supposed to melt under a hair dryer and form a silver stamp doesn’t work at all. Anyway I have had no use for the stamp (it is unevenly made and doesn’t even stamp well cause it’s made of metal, not rubber) until now! It works amazingly with sealing wax.

So much so that I’m writing letters just to seal them :P If you are overseas please give me your address!



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