this japanese company’s english is amazing! “lends itself to many uses” leh. better than most singaporeans even. i guess you can tell that the fact that i’m buying more hooks –> i bought more bags ._. Really only the one. But there are some 16 bags hung up on the curtain pole in my room.

today is liangze’s last day of freedom. Officially anyway. I took him to Ramenplay and we ate so much the waitresses were all super polite to us.

Japanese curry with baguette.

braised egg. the middle is unbelievably soft, like tofu.

can’t remember what it’s called. umani something. seafood broth and random crap thrown in. not bad, but I prefer their pork based broths.

some pork cutlet thing. I probably wouldn’t order it again. It was nice, but they put a huge chunk of spring onion in it which was very difficult to chew. Today we were just trying out random stuff and trying not to always order the same old things.

This was one outstanding matcha shake. The calpis with fruit jelly was nice too but I’d prefer it with the coconut fibre jelly they put in bubble tea instead of fruit agar.

you have to order the gyoza just for the dipping sauce.

tried one of their bamboo chicken things and it was actually pretty good. I’m not really a big fan of raw egg but this was not bad at all.

the nabemushi we always get because it’s always steamed/cooked to perfection.

this one we probably won’t be getting again. their salad dressing is actually very nice, tart and salty at the same time. But this was a lobster salad and so it didn’t have the same dressing as their fresh green salad. Also, i’m not a big fan of fishy things. Like oh luah, fish roe, sashimi (yeah, yeah, all the sashimi lovers will tell me sashimi is not fishy at all). Any the lobster was coated in roe. I think squid roe is not so bad when it’s in a prawn bisque. But not on lobster in a salad. Couldn’t really tell if the lobster was cooked or if the fishiness came from the roe.

I don’t know how we managed to fit everything in. Well we only ordered one main, I guess that helps.

I don’t really like how the cutlery and stuff they use is so cheap. Like why can’t you buy real glass glasses? Why do you have to cheap out and get plastic ones that break easily? Ok, glass probably breaks more easily than plastic. But it just feels so cheap. Like i’m in a canteen. And instead of using fake white books as part as your decor couldn’t you just get real books? Books your customers can thumb over while waiting for their food?

Speaking of cutlery, we still haven’t found our Pinti Olivia Tendance cutlery. We looked in kitchen shops all over Europe for it. They really are the most elegant set of cutlery we’ve ever used to date.



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