Durian cake

So. It turned out alright. My mum keeps complaining that there is too much whiskey and saying that she doesn’t like it. As if I baked it for her sole consumption. I really think it turned out pretty good, screw whatever she says. She’s never been the slightest bit encouraging to me about anything I do, no reason to expect her to start now. The whole time she was griping about how the durian was not fresh or not good or whatever and how it had a smell, well hellooo, it’s durian? i got 3 boxes of cheap, more bitter ones to balance out the other three boxes of good quality ones. But it wasn’t too sweet and it doesn’t even taste alcoholic to me! I don’t even like whiskey. It’s a triple layer durian cake that’s super soft and has loads and loads of durian that I painstakingly hulled from the seeds and pureed in a cake mixer before deciding to dump it in the blender to chop up the fiber from the layer right above the seed. I also made an 8 inch chiffon sponge (vanilla flavoured) to interrupt the durian puree. The whole thing is wickedly soft and delicious. My only complaint is with the icing – I made chantilly cream, which kind of degenerates quickly in our weather. After frosting the cake, the remaining cream was too watery to make roses. Will have to remember to refrigerate it immediately next time. Or figure out a better icing recipe? One that keeps its form for ages after it’s been taken out of the fridge..

photos turned out horrible because of the time of the night at which the cake was completed.

The recipe was taken from here. I absolutely adore her writing style. She sounds super greedy, just like me. liangze says I have a “food voice” which always comes out when I am super excited about what I’m about to eat.

I bought $30 worth of durian today and it gave me far more puree than I’d ever need (came up to about 1.7 kg) so the rest is frozen for another day. If anyone wants (apparently very alcoholic) durian cake, there’s a whole cake minus one slice in my fridge!


5 pensieri su “Durian cake

  1. hahaha gosh hello!! i never imagined this, but i was looking at a recipe for durian cake and i kind of saw your bf’s name in maameemoomoo.com at the comments section. and so i’m dropping here to say hi. and wow what a beautiful durian cake!!! :)

    1. hello! who are you? thanks for the compliment! this was the sample for personal consumption before making the actual cake :P i used a chantilly cream icing which really doesn’t hold up in singapore’s weather :S


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