Interesting fact of the day:
If you coil your earphones, clip the part just before the bud to your ipod, upon releasing the clip the next time you want to listen to your ipod, the entire length of earphones falls apart unentangled. Just because clipping the earphones to the ipod keeps it topologically invariant! The earbuds cannot weave its way in and out of the wires into complex knots, as they are wont to do. I’ve been having problems untangling earphones and recently I’ve revived my ipod to listen to the music of Tim Hanauer, who I think is pretty good, enough for me to give up kindle-reading on the train just to listen intently.
He’s an indie (pop? rock?) artiste and is so esoteric I can’t torrent any of his stuff :S which i suppose is good and bad. Anyway if you want any of his music, ask me.
I think I like artistes with asthmatic voices. Like they are going to up and die at any time what with all the wheezing. Cases in point: Chris Martin, Iron and Wine.

The next baking project was supposed to be green tea snow skin mooncakes with chocolate centers, but it looks like i’m going to bake a durian cake tomorrow! Quite excited. I’ve never done it before. Plus the mooncake is less time-consuming since we bought the green tea lotus paste and are not going to be making it from scratch. If anyone has any suggestions as to what complements durian please throw ideas out. I’m quite at a loss. It seems most durian cakes are made with plain vanilla cream with little other garnish – how does one prettify a cake that doesn’t agree with chocolate shavings or glace cherries or silver balls and other decorative items like that? I think I’m going to use toasted almond slivers and perhaps go around with a row of lady fingers. We’ll see. At least it’s just a practice cake, so it doesn’t matter how ugly it turns out.



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