I’ve always kind of been interested in this place since the hype started when we were overseas and friends were raving about their tagliatelle.

They have quite a large brunch selection but I feel it’s a bit pricey. You get discounts if you pay with a UOB card.

I usually order the eggs benedict when at a brunch place (it’s my favourite way of doing eggs, after chawanmushi) and this one was pretty good. It was supposedly on a foccacia (lies) and doused in a citrus hollandaise, which tasted more vinegary than citrusy, probably due to the actual poaching of the eggs. This is one of the few places that actually poaches their eggs by dropping them in a potful of boiling vinegary water. The Boatyard Grill doesn’t poach it’s Eggs Ben. Neither does Coffee Bean. For shame. How difficult is it anyway!? All they need is to systemize it. At least the Boatyard Grill’s eggs are pretty soft. Coffee Bean’s one varies from location to location. We went there for breakfast this morning and their Eggs Ben taste pretty good despite the fact that their hollandaise has curdled all over the place and the egg was so well done it wasn’t even funny. They made the ingenious move of putting a slice of cheese between the ham and the bread and melting it, which makes a world of difference to my eggs benedict. I prefer it with cheese.

The other thing we got was more of a lunch entree than a breakfast thing but hey, it’s brunch. We were hungry.

It’s a softshell crab pasta thing that tasted much like glorified instant noodles. I’m not saying it was bad, it was pretty tasty. But I didn’t really think the price was justified. I believe they called it spaghettini or some such nonsense. You could have fooled me. Tastes the spitting image of instant noodles (not maggi mee, something with a non-uniform noodle diameter). It was a very asian dish that worked pretty well and is quite spicy. The pasta is fried in lots of black pepper and chillis and random herbs.

This was stunning. The creme brulee was pretty dense, smooth, and very creamy. Amazing. 5 stars. And considering this was amazing even after we’d just stuffed our faces with other things, just imagine what it would taste like when one is actually hungry. The green tea taste was really intense and the fruit on top added the perfect amount of tart. I should try this someday. Just identified a heavy cream supplier (Phoon Huat) but the carton says whipping cream so I’m not entirely convinced it’s the correct kind. After all there is heavy whipping cream, and then there is heavy cream. Not that anyone here knows the difference. Like how nobody knows the difference between ecru and eggshell.

Too bad it’s so expensive or I’d definitely visit more often than twice a year. They have lots of lunch deals, but you have to be some unemployed slacker to take advantage of those.

Things I don’t really recommend:

The chocolate cake. You can get much better at Secret Recipe/Sweet Secrets. I suppose it’s a little like a lana cake.

The fruit terrine: Well, I’m not a big fan of terrine to begin with. Seeing the veggie and meat terrines in Budapest will do that to you. Also “fruit terrine” Is really glorified jelly with fruit pieces in it. The truffle infused burger also didn’t leave much of a memory.



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