And it’s getting more and more absurd

the new sso cello chair is ADORABLE!!! (the one on the right)

he’s got a tiny earring in his left year and looks super studly playing everything so confidently and virtuosically. He’s also got a twin, who’s a better cellist! But he’s the cuter twin. Man I feel like gg for all the SSO concerts just to watch him.

i liked him even better than the pianist, and that’s saying something. i used to like the pianist, but today i heard a lot of unnuanced banging, like he was trying to get the sound out front. They were also recording the whole thing (maybe even amplifying) which made the piano sound quite weird/electric. or perhaps it is that i have been into so many other decent concert halls that the esplanade’s acoustics now sound quite a bit off. it sounded perfectly fine for the orchestra though. or maybe it was because we cheaped out and got cat 4 tickets (we were in the 3rd row). Given the performance, i don’t think a higher category would have been worth it.

the politics between the members of a certain section were painfully embarrassing to watch. they weren’t together, the sounds didn’t blend, the pizzicatos weren’t smart/crisp, almost arpeggiated, gah. L looked really put out half the time for lack of recognition. Fake-smiling everybody and immediately scowling after the pleasantries. I don’t know why she’s so dissatisfied.

But I so loved my cellist. I think guys who are super absorbed in whatever that they are doing (that is noble/of some worth, not say girls or computer games) are really cute. Perhaps that’s why I like liangze, cause he’s really absorbed when he reads math things/does math. By my standards I’m not cute at all. I only practiced the piano semi-seriously when there was a cash incentive involved :P and my concentration while doing math is only half that of his. But the cellist was swoon-worthy. Just like the guy who won the Ferenc Liszt competition last year. The cellist is freaking young! Like, 28. And he’s the principal! I would say all the members of the cello section would have more cause to be sour grapes. Despite his misleading name, he’s actually from australia. his associate chair is from china. But the whole orchestra looks like it’s singaporean. I wonder how many people were actually born here/are PRs.

Also, I think the audience was far too approving of what can only be called a subpar concert. The first intermezzo was nice. The rest kinda went downhill from there. The pianist seemed ill at ease and a tad messy and bang-y. Perhaps it was the nature of the concerto. And some sections in the symphony didn’t gel, and I mean, it’s a textbook symphony (Eroica). We still have a few smart alecs clapping between the mvts. you can change the architecture but you can’t change the people.

people should bear in mind that when they watch a concert, they must (never) compare the performance to what they themselves are capable of. most 99% of audiences are likely incapable of producing the same output. But they are not professional musicians. If I play the piano, I don’t approve of the concert pianist just because he plays better than me. Obviously he plays better than me! It’s his job to play better than me. What makes a concert pianist great is if he plays the same or better than renowned concert pianists! Arrau, Horowitz, Argerich. our audiences would do well to remember that. their expectations are so low it’s scary.



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