dudes. if i reply a query about whether i’m free one day after it is made, that is VERY GOOD ALREADY.

do not push me. I am very busy. Of course I am not sitting around at my computer checking all my facebook messages every minute of every hour of every day. That’s because some people actually do work. And after work, they go and spend time with their loved ones. And then they do the things they enjoy solitarily, like playing scramble. Checking facebook messages isn’t a particularly stimulating activity for me.

If I said I wasn’t free, it’s not like you all would not have met up anyway. I don’t see what the deal is, why every response needs to be collated before you confirm an event. It’s not a bloody academic survey.

If I reply a query about whether I am free one day after it is made, for an event I don’t even really see the point in, you should count your lucky stars.

Just to reiterate the point for those who still don’t get it,

I don’t like meeting in large groups (i.e., more than 3 or 4).

You don’t get much (if any) meaningful conversation in because of the diverse backgrounds of everybody and the differing levels of intimacy between every pair of friends in the group. If I really wanted to hear more about your life and how you’re doing I would meet up with you, just you. If there are people in the group I am not that close to I don’t really want to waste my time going to hear about the superficialities of their life. I am not interested in hearing gossip about your other mutual friends. I’d be much happier employed playing Wind Up Knight (yes, for the gazillionth time).

If I don’t reply, like, IMMEDIATELY, it’s because I am busy. I don’t give you grief about being super free, why do you give me grief for being busy?

Today I left for work at 7.30am. I replied one email that had been festering in my inbox for 5 days. And then I did work. I left the office at 6pm. I went to liangze’s house for dinner with him/his parents/his uncle. We chatted until 9-ish. Liangze and I retired to his room and randomly picked out some book from his shelf about enlightenment with quotes from Wittgenstein and Spinoza and Kafka and Simone Weil and read through some of it. It was quite funny and very insightful about man’s construct of religion. And then I went home. I got home at 11pm. My parents were already in bed. I took a bath and started feeding my virtual fish and clearing some Scramble games and thinking hard about what to get Chris for her birthday.

Meanwhile, people are getting on my case for not replying a thread that started yesterday night when I had already gone to bed.

I don’t think they see how ridiculous they are being. It’s not like I know my plans right off the bat. And I have people to coordinate with regarding my schedule. If liangze has plans to do something that takes the whole day i’m definitely going with him instead of attending some unmeaningful group conversation with little pockets of people eddying off into their own circles talking about people I don’t even know.

One day, when I’m old enough, I won’t have to give anybody the time of the day. I would start now, but I still like some of these people. And some of them are innocent bystanders.

You may say you’re just kidding. Well it’s not funny. Just like how spastic day is not funny. Believe it or not, it’s just stupid.



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