i wonder why so many people like to meet up every single time i come back. at first i thought it was because they only get to see me once a year. but now i’m gonna be around for quite awhile (at least a year) so there’s no hurry what. unless they are leaving for more studies. it’s really tiring. I wonder if the fact that I find it tiring means it doesn’t make a difference to me whether we meet up or not. I can think of lots of people I’ve kinda run out of things to say to and who are not worth the effort to try to find a common time to meet but you can’t exactly say it to their face. Also now I have so many new friends in the lab I ought to disqualify some others to make room.

I realise that the dearth of lactose intolerance here may be due to the fact that so few chinese foods contain milk. unless you are born in a family that consumes cheese and ice cream and “western” things, you may never consume enough milk for a break out.

i am very tempted to get this:

I’ll just have to wait for it to hit the sales rack. $300 is just a leetle out of budget. The art prints they are releasing now are so bold.



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