I can’t believe I watched the entire gep documentary. An indication of narcissism perhaps? Or just curiosity about how other people coped with it. “coped” is too punishing a word. perhaps “enjoyed” is a better choice.  They made some good points:

– Someone somewhere in MOE/GE Branch realised that certain kids didn’t think it was okay to be themselves, that kids were trying to conform.  GEP freed us from such pressures and distractions arising from being judged, being different in trivial ways.  Herein lies its greatest value.

– GEP people are not necessarily nice. They are interesting, they are unique, they are funny, they are smart…but they are not the nicest of people. (my addition: And they don’t feel a need to be.  No apologies. Perhaps this is another product of the general “screw you” mindset from young when we learnt that other people’s assumptions of how a “normal” person should behave are largely bs. Also a product of reason – there is absolutely nothing that induces us to be nice to someone unless they earn it. There is no “just because”, or “it’s nice to be nice what!” Niceness is up to the dispenser, not up to social protocol. It really is a choice, not an obligation.)

– We got a lot more resources than the average kid. I didn’t really know how much. How much they observed us (it’s all a blur now), and how much smaller our class sizes were, how much better our teachers were. Well it’s not like we knew how much better our teachers were, I never had the experience of being in a mainstream class until rj, and I mean people will give me flak for saying that because it’s, y’know, rj.

Well the documentary was pretty informative although I wouldn’t say it was a really great job. The subjects were a bit polarized and some were pretty unrepresentative.  I really liked the “stupid” gep though. And I must say I never got along with the “spastic day” sort of people. Just didn’t get it. It wasn’t reasonable. Or remotely entertaining.  But I definitely came across those sort of people in rgs. I found them vaguely irritating, so I wouldn’t say that geps always banded together and forgave each others’ quirks.

Lots of political incorrectness, but I guess we were never politically correct.

I think the main reason people resent us is because they feel we look down on them. And this video is definitely not going to change anything.

“Did you know what the Loyang Secondary School uniform is?”
“(exclaims) no!?  (obviously. cue eyeroll)”

I would say that the resentment belies faults on both sides that need to be cured.

We need to stop thinking that we are the bee’s knees. And that those we haven’t had the privilege to interact with are less worthy of respect. Everyone excels in their own thing.

They need to stop being defensive/sensitive to what other people think of them. They don’t even know us, why should they care about what we think? Security comes from within. If I deem you academically inferior, maybe you are. Maybe I shouldn’t point it out. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m right.   Maybe it doesn’t matter at all in the big scheme of things and my judging and your caring is a vacuous waste of time. There’s no need to make it personal, because I can assure you any social gaffes on our part are definitely not personal.



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