Nobody gets too much

i need my kindle to hurry up and arrive so I have trashy chick litty things to read on the way to work to relax my brain before it has to think about hard stuff. Kinda like eating before liquoring up.

my mum says the government gives priority to first time applicants for flats, and that some girl in my church was successful on her first try to get a flat in sengkang.

made pineapple tarts today. they are light and buttery and really delicious when warm. we split them up over 3 days – monday i made the jam, tuesday i rolled it into little spheres for plonking into the tart center, and today i made the pastry and assembled them all. the tarts are for my colleague’s graduation from NTU which was today, and they spell out “happy graduation jesmin”

baking on a work day is really tiring.

liangze and i went to pizza hut for the first time since we got back. i admit it’s not really a dinner option for us most of the time, but i was really craving their sweet/spicy drumlets. they’re really expensive though, about a dollar for a tiny segment of chicken. but infinitely better than buffalo wings or anything america has to offer. also, they have been advertising their snow crab pasta outside the establishment for ages and i really wanted to try it. it was -okay-. the red cream sauce kind of detracts from the crabby taste, as cream (that is not mentaiko flavoured) is wont to do. we also had a seafood pizza on a lime mayonnaise base. It was pretty nice apart from the fact that pizza hut’s thin crust isn’t actually thin. I suppose it doesn’t help that the only pizza i’ve eaten before today was at skinny pizza, and their crust is as thin as a poppadom. obviously we had no space for dessert after (well, not immediately after, we shared a bowl of sesame/peanut paste in the j8 basement about half an hour later. can’t resist 芝麻糊 – there’s just something about silky chinese pastes that are ground from nuts and thickened in a pot. so much more character than hot fudge or marshmallow sauce). my digestive tract is really unhappy now though. :S

we also got tickets to yevgeny sudbin playing rach 1 on 18th august. courtesy of the government with its tax rebate for poor people like me (first time getting money in a non-election year?!!). the rest of our tax rebate will go to paying for a nice meal at pasta brava this weekend before the raco concert (why is a part time chinese orchestra charging $12/ticket for a concert? the pipa concerto better be mind-blowing). man i wish they sold mantis prawn strozzapreti.

Their panna cotta all’amaretto is pretty good, or at least, it was, until I had the one at Pomod’oro in Budapest. That panna cotta was out of this world. The kind that grows on trees in heaven, at least, my artist’s rendition of heaven will have panna cotta dripping with caramel (not the awful kind you find in chocolate bars, the kind that is used to make 拔丝香蕉) weighing down the very low and reachable branches of a panna cotta tree.

anyway, i think sistic should stop hiring people who can’t pronounce composers’ names to man their counters. i was trying to explain which show i wanted to see (i thought i didn’t remember the date exactly) so i told her who was playing (sudbin) and asked her to check to see if the name is correct, and she started spelling “r-a-c-h-m-a-..” which was enough confirmation for me but srsly unprofessional for her. begs the question, why am i paying a $3 ticket handling charge when the ticket handler in question doesn’t seem to be handling it all that well?



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