gotta love my piano teacher. he’s really adorable. I may have had a tiny little crush on him back then cause he was quiet, and really slow in an turtlish sort of way, and very good at piano. 


there are lots of things to complain about today, i wonder if it makes any ounce of difference if one writes complaint letters to things. I mean i bet I could be pretty convincing (to get some organization to take action about what i’m pissed off about), I just don’t know if it is worth the effort.


I also wish certain indians stopped using coconut oil in their hair. what’s wrong with conditioner? or is that beneath them? it smells totally rancid, and every single train cabin has someone who’s using coconut oil. I don’t think it’s racist of me to say so, because I have no problem with indians; i mean they have their own personality dysfunctions and the chinese probably have more, but at coconut oil i draw the line. I think it’s downright rude, really. It’s like farting in the MRT. The smell makes me nauseous. Coconut oil just does not sit well with sweat. And i mean when other people racistly say “indians smell” it’s not unbased. Just that that statement is a generalization of a small problem, and it is rude to stereotype.  I was fine with amrita, she only used coconut oil very very rarely when we lived together.  Why do people have to put copious amounts of product in their hair? 


have been going on a fb friend deleting spree. after i made some new friends at work i discovered to my dismay that my friend count is above 330. i used to never let it go above 300. contrary to my division name, i am really bad at networking. perhaps that is imprecise. I don’t care for it, is what I mean. Perhaps I would be good at it if I thought it were important? I do remember a whole lot about other people, minute little details that are useful for striking up conversations. Only most of these people don’t interest me. 


Also, I wonder what’s with people and their wanting to leave liangze and i alone. Do they think we really need that much alone time? It’s strange because anyone who hangs out with us knows that we are more friends than “more than friends” so what’s with the not wanting to intrude?  like if you hang out with us we are all friends, it’s not like we are couply or anything. i mean we don’t even really behave like we like each other all that much lol. well at least i don’t. AND we spend more than enough time with each other as it is there is really no need to give us alone time!!



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