Ma belle

I’ve been picking out pictures to develop to put in the photo album charlotte brought us from mexico and found a bunch of budapest pictures that haven’t been edited, taken when michelle was there visiting me. I really miss her. Even though sometimes her outspokenness really made me want to hide in a corner and she kept making and remaking plans, filling my head with a huge buzz, she was always happy. And you really can’t discount the value of a happy friend (after i’ve had the other kind). She did so many little things to make us happy that I took for granted, like bringing a card to liangze’s performance for all of us to write congratulatory things to him on his last performance, bringing me a birthday present from vienna (that turned out to be a pouch for a hair iron :S but hey, at least she remembered, which is more than i can say), giving me a blank wooden egg to decorate since she found out about liangze’s love for carved eggs, bringing me a pencil filled with little gems from the national geographic because I gave her my hulking big crystal rock purchased in the boston aquarium (she actually carted it back from ithaca to vienna lol), eating with us, treating us to dinner at the italian restaurant in salzburg because it was liangze’s birthday… she is actually incredibly thoughtful and generous and completely non-whiny. Even if she has people she doesn’t like at work and she thinks her work is kinda pretentious and shitty she doesn’t whine about it to us unless we ask her about it. And she is always saying how she is so happy because she gets to see us and gets to feast with us (we always go feasting, in the same manner as how other people may go to the movies or go skating or something. it is after all difficult to find people who love food as much as us to spend that much money on it.) and y’know how i said at a certain age one should have their lives together and instead of imposing on their friends for help out of sticky situations, figure out how to increase their happiness? she does that pretty damn perfectly.

what i miss most? holding hands and trudging through the inch thick leaves in varosliget park, kicking everything in the way in an extremely stress-releasing manner. also, being koalas on the budapest metro and hugging the huge pillar, dog-tired after running around all day doing fun touristy things.

her birthday passed 20th june and i forgot to send a card! agh agh agh.



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