So I haven’t really checked in here in a long time. Nor pinterest. Been really busy doing things I want to do before work starts (sadly I haven’t done any of Ed’s stuff :/) Instead I’ve been compiling a recipe scrapbook! Here are some pictures:

I’d hit a bottleneck a few days ago when I discovered I can’t feed my printer 100g paper without it jamming but it has now been solved by the simple (in its stupidity) solution of giving it one sheet at a time. My printer is really just an ornery baby. The card stock I print the recipes on is 100g per piece, but the nice brown base I use is much lighter and made of recycled paper that I bought at Art Friend.

Ooh I just discovered a mole I never knew I had. Wearing considerably less in singapore than in ithaca will do that to you.

Today I sat through Morning Glory (the movie with Rachel McAdams) over dinner and my dad joined me. I hate it when he does his movie commentary. He predicts every single next event that will happen, usually those that are blindingly obvious, through the entire movie! Yes she is not going to take the job at the Today Show. No that does not make you clairvoyant. We are watching a freaking movie, not playing Cluedo. I don’t want to know where the weapon is or in which room the murder was committed, nor suffer through your never ending guesses. It makes me want to tear my hair out. Don’t people know how profoundly annoying they are when they do that???

I really should give him a break, considering he’s been nothing but helpful (sometimes too helpful) since I’ve been back. He’s installed a pole for me to hang all my bags from (I have sixteen of them ._.) and fixed my new slippers when the top part came off after I fell off my bike, and helped to repair the chains of the bike which I messed up when I fell, and put together my shoe rack from Ikea although that was totally unnecessary considering it was from Ikea. I think I can handle that by myself. I don’t know. Is helpfulness and handiness any excuse for social ineptitude? He does not cut me any slack either, I can’t even go to the bathroom after dinner without him yelling down half the house asking where I am and why haven’t I washed my plates after eating. It’s crazy! Three minutes in the bathroom and he won’t let my plates go unwashed for that long. He should have lived at Westbourne- I was the most OCD person there; living with people who will not wash the rice pot for weeks on end will soon cure him of this nitpicking that reeks of having too much time on his hands. It is totally my parents fault that I get anxious when people don’t wash up after themselves and leave their crap all over the place.

In other news, I borrowed Beethoven’s 5th symphony transcribed for piano and have been having fun with the 3rd movement. Dear old Ludwig. Liangze has been inspired by all the piano playing (Nodame, me, the girl at the piano fest) that he’s decided to tinker around on the keyboard himself. And guess what piece he decides to start with? Jeux d’eau. I kid you not. Even I can’t play that. He’s very happy to have learnt the first chord of the right hand. Perhaps next week he’ll learn the second chord of the right hand and the week after that the first bar of the left hand and in 239485 years he will have got the thing down pat.

We went to Sushi Tei yesterday for yakitori don and chawanmushi. And salmon sashimi for liangze. He adores sashimi. It’s the one thing we can’t share, for I don’t eat raw fish. While we were there he kept saying he’s not going to eat it because it was too expensive and we couldn’t share it but I looked away for about a second and what do you know, the plate with the salmon sashimi had jumped off the kaiten onto our table and into his mouth. That’s how fresh the fish was. The chawanmushi was to die for, I haven’t had good chawanmushi since last summer and man! The branch at Paragon can really steam an egg. If I had a daughter I would call her chawanmushi. She will be soft and silky and full of hidden surprises like shiitake and gingko nut.



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