I don’t get why so many young couples here are wearing crocs. It’s like the entire generation of 30 somethings decided to spontaneously a) have children b) not give a rat’s ass about looking stupid.
What is it about having your own family that gives one so much security to do as one wishes?

I am home, and I wish I were back in Ithaca. It is hot and sticky here, I feel like a krispy kreme right out of the oven. Also, I left behind people who love me dearly and people I love dearly, and the people here, well.. I did fine without them for four years. sigh. Even the food hasn’t really drawn me. I cycled out this morning and the place I normally get my roti prata from was closed and I had to cycle to chong pang to get breakfast.

I also woke up at 5am, God only knows why. I’m really not looking forward to starting work simply because it’s so far away. All the travel to get there will only make one sweaty before work even starts. yuck.
Also, my piano keys seem too light after playing on grands (albeit really sucky grands, except for the wonderful ones in Budapest) for the greater part of a year. They make weird clicking sounds. Usually I am glad to be home to my piano but now I only wish it were.. better. Bigger. Heavier.

It sounds ungrateful not to like being home, but that’s the long and short of it. my mum did a little sign on my corkboard with colored pins saying “Welcome home”. I got the Hungarian tea set back in one piece, and also my sand globe from 15 Steps in the Ithaca commons. I also have a vinyl of the chimes and it’s stuck up in my bookcase reminding me of how I can no longer play the chimes whenever the heck I want. Probably just as well for the sanity of the people of Ithaca. I played a lot more than I shld be entitled to the week before I left. They had double evening concerts for about 3 weekdays simply because I’d just go up and play at 6pm, and then another group of chimesmasters would come and play at 7pm, the “official” time.

The house also looks more professional. Thanks to my brother, I suppose, who managed to tear down all the ugly things and put up nice new things from Ikea in return. Still, the paddle pop curtains are gone and replaced by nice cream ones with gold embroidery. The living room colour scheme has also been updated to cream, which is a huge improvement over the old one, which can still be observed in my parents bedroom. Too bad my childhood has been flushed down the toilet. I am too filled with ennui with the heat and the humidity to get down to any of the pre-work admin and writing the paper for Ed and doing anything useful like getting published. No wonder so many of my singaporean friends have such depressing blogs when they are here whining about life and how there is nothing ever to do and obsessing in their small little bubbles about things that hardly merit obsessing about. Gosh I hope no one tries to haul me out to meet up. There will be plenty of time. Maybe one social appointment a month will be sufficient.



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