Black and White

“I want you to know-”
“To know what? To know that I’m not so special and everyone is just a carbon copy of someone else?”
“And soon all the world will be populated with personality types that can be exactly characterized in self-help books.”
“Who reads self-help books anyway?”
“The humble and the generic.”
“To be one is quite bad enough. To have both in equal doses is grounds for sterilization, I think.”
“You can’t dispute that-”
“That what? That reading those books makes them happy? The contentment of the prole. So heartbreaking.”
“Of all your elitist posturing this takes the cake.”
“I pity the fool that… is a fool. You call it elitism. I call it compassion.”
“Compassion my arse. What you feel about them and what they feel about themselves have strikingly little in common. You know what your problem is? You don’t know how to be good. The concept is foreign to you. You may have dabbled in some half-hearted philanthropy at various points in your life but when it comes down to actually being good in a totally condescension-free way, you can’t do it.”
“Don’t hold back now, unsolicited attacks on my character always give me a hearty appetite for breakfast.”



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