Ave Maria

Came upon this pin on pinterest. I think anyone who’s Asian can probably verify that if it’s breast meat, it’s not Asian. -.- Really can’t believe all the chinese restaurants here that only carry breast meat, what more an entire slab of it on the grill. And breast meat satay. The horrors.

Today was a pretty good day. We woke up late and went to church after sunday school (which was combined so it wasn’t like we were skipping Dave’s class). There was a luncheon at church for the missionaries but we went to the Boatyard Grill for brunch, after all, it’s our last sunday in ithaca. Next sunday we’ll probably be somewhere in Philadelphia roughing it out in the cabin. We’d never ordered the buffalo chicken egg rolls before (i’m not a big fan of buffalo chicken and well, purported egg rolls here are nothing like the spring rolls you get in singapore and have pretty thick pastry). However I gave in to my craving today and it was awesome. Best way to have buffalo chicken? In an eggroll. They also used chopped up breast meat which meant I didn’t have to grapple with horrible fatty chicken skin but neither was the meat tough

And then we went to Wegman’s! Any day at Wegmans is a good day. Bought all the ingredients for Tiffany’s birthday dinner (which I will reuse for the chimes on wednesday). It was all vegetarian! Got lots of basil and garlic and tomatoes and parsnips and asparagus. But it’s going to be awesome. I think my favourite vegetarian dish is aglio olio (which we had for dinner).

Liangze got a real kick out of my arranging all the bottles of truffle infused olive oil in a row on the shelf to compare which one had the most truffle shavings inside. I guess I do have a lot of aunty instincts. But it’s only because I take my food seriously. And then we went to Ithaca Bakery on a whim to pick up some gelato cause the weather was so hot today. I suppose nobody really knows this but Ithaca Bakery carries Ciao Bella gelato, probably the best ice cream you can get in Ithaca. I got the passionfruit sorbet for liangze and the belgian chocolate for myself. If the weather keeps up I’m sure all the ice cream will be finished in no time.

Did no work at all and took a 3 hr nap! Sundays are for naps. Especially after huge brunches. Woke up feeling so stuffed I didn’t fix dinner till 9. Instead we headed to the clocktower cause today was the first of the summer sunset series, chimes concerts running from 8-9pm so people could come up and enjoy the sunset around 8.30-ish. It was a Bach themed concert! The dbl vln concerto was meh, but the rest were okay. Although some of the Bach pieces really shldn’t be played, they don’t really seem like they’re going anywhere. Also I think our newest additions are very enthusiastic/energetic and somehow very LOUD. Anyhow after the concert liangze and I left first and when we got to the bottom a woman was waiting there for me and to tell me she liked my playing best which was probably the most awesome compliment I’ve gotten all year. People compliment my food all the time but y’know Americans will eat anything and try not to hurt your feelings, my writing, my piano playing (which really sucks but you’d have to play better than me to know that), but this was the first time someone told me that everyone else’s playing was good but mine was wonderful and it felt really warm and fuzzy. Katie and Ryan used to forward the compliments I got via the chimes email account to me, but Claire never did, possibly because I played so little concerts I never got any.

The only glitch today was the unexpected company at night. I wish people understood that no matter how nice their company, I don’t care for unexpected visits, like, ever. I don’t do anything unexpected. I don’t like saying hi to you if I bump into you in the street because I didn’t intend to bump into you. I don’t like people dropping in on me, assuming I’ll be home and that my home is open to anyone to drop in. If you want to come visit/meet me give me at least a week’s notice to prepare myself for the intrusion to my blessed solitude. If you really desperately want to drop in unexpectedly then don’t outstay your welcome (i.e. more than an hour, since you weren’t welcome in the first place). And it’s not personal. It’s just I require prior warning to be sociable in the first place. If you drop in hoping to share about your day or talk to me about random things, I will not be very sympathetic to ANYTHING you whine about. The only person who I will deign to listen to every single day is lz, and even he doesn’t tell me about his day every day because he knows I’ll zone out if I get bored or I’ll just start playing scramble halfway.



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