angry bird

Sent his parents off at the airport this morning at 4.30am. They had a 6am flight to detroit and a 6 hr layover in detroit (?! who would want to stay there for 6 hrs). it was originally a noon flight to delta with a shorter layover in detroit but delta being delta, after they had booked their ticket, kept changing their flight up on them after flight confirmation -.- the security people there were simply intolerable. they opened every piece of checked luggage to check for bombs etc. and i had packed my creme brulee torch into one of the bags and was worried they would throw it away so liangze and i stood awhile there to see if they would take it out. the security guy eyed us and said “these your bags? you’re all set.” in a bid to get rid of us but obviously we weren’t there to fly, we were there to collect whatever didn’t pass the security screening. so he proceeded to check every bag other than ours as slowly as humanly possible (it’s not my imagination, after checking all the bags around ours he went over to the other counter’s bags to kope some to check) to make us wait or to punish us for loitering. every time he threw a glance our way he’d take another bag that wasn’t ours just to piss us off. Even his mum noticed that the security guy was avoiding our bags. It really made me furious, that someone can be so small-minded. I don’t even know why he cares that we’re standing around waiting for him to check our bags or why he’d want to make us wait. What’s it to him? what’s his problem? We’d reached the airport really early (for Ithaca, you only need to go maximum 1 hr in advance) so at the time we’d reached there were almost no bags other than ours to be checked, but with all his dallying all the people on the same flight arrived and a huge mountain of bags piled up on top of ours which made him deliriously happy.

I hate US airport security people and all their personality disorders.

How can anyone be so small-minded?


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