On the road

Reached DC. The house we are staying in is really nice! Courtesy of Mai Fen’s friends, who are as welcoming as her. They have a keyboard and two guitars! I wouldn’t mind staying in all day just surfing the internet and playing the piano. Washington being a very historic place holds little attraction for someone completely uninterested in american history. Which is not to say I wouldn’t mind enjoying the Philips Gallery or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but I guess that’s about it. Also maybe the nice singaporean food.

After hanging out with lz’s family a LOT in the past few weeks, I’ve learnt a lot more about him and where he gets everything from. A little disappointed that he takes more after his mum than his dad, in his soft-heartedness. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, we would clash really badly if he were as opinionated as his dad. But his dad is able to justify all of his opinions, so it may not be as bad as I anticipate, because I can tolerate and even better respect a man with principles. Of course I wouldn’t want him to take completely after his dad, not helping in the kitchen or with the washing up, but to have almost none of his dad’s wisdom and decisiveness and articulation is rather tragic. All he got was the same goofy sense of humour which occasionally no one gets or finds funny. And of course the smarts, the smarts are important to me.

Also, as observed today, I think the most telling sign of a weak-minded person is a person who observes some phenomenon in nature, and then links it unthinkingly and narcissistically to his/her ego. Example: Geese are flying overhead – Weak-minded comment:”Look! The geese are flying back to welcome us!”

Gotta sleep early. Those jokers want to leave at 9am in the morning =.= when his father announced the leaving time a look of pure dismay appeared on my face and his mother laughed and said I could try to negotiate. Why do old people wake up so early?!?!



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