graduation is really tiring! I should have skipped the whole thing, like people in the UK do since their convocation is really long after their graduation. I managed to escape most of it, the speeches, etc. went to the statler instead of schoellkopf (how does one spell it?) to watch the live stream in an airconditioned place, skipped the procession and played the chimes instead (much more awesome). I got to do Pomp + Circumstance with the Mickey Mouse March interlude! (Y)

perhaps it is all the cooking. I helped chris with graduation dinner on sunday and it was really.. extensive. But tasty! Partly because there weren’t any weird american-centric things like jello salad or bright green pickles to cater to the americans present. We had steaks and salt potatoes and macaroni salad with peas and deviled eggs. Rich can really grill a steak! There was far too much food but then now their have leftovers :) And she made a delectable fresh strawberry pie. the day before I had to prepare dinner for charlotte + family and liangze + family and it was wicked tiring, especially after the already gruelling senior recital. The food turned out okay in the end, I didn’t have high hopes for the charsiew since I was running out of charsiew sauce but people finished it. Today we had crab and spinach quiche. The crab I had to get frozen :/ which I really didn’t like. Much prefer getting snow crab by pound (7.99). the frozen one was supposedly deshelled and 21.99 per pound of claws. ick. I’m always too late for the snow crab legs. I cannot believe americans pay $14 to have their crab claws partially shelled for them. The snow crab legs are the best part too!

Tomorrow I’ll make Emperor chicken! trying to alternate between chinese and non-chinese cooking so they won’t get totally sick of western food. We went to Watkin’s Glen today and took some pretty nice photos. Had lunch with Charmaine’s parents cause they are all from the same church before I invited them along to Watkin’s Glen with us. We captured some pretty funny pics of lz’s dad and her dad grabbing for the check for lunch, two men fighting in a very friendly fashion in banfi’s. I think all christian males have a slight guilt complex about how little pastors earn, I know for sure my dad would feel infinitely uncomfortable about letting lz’s dad pay for any meal and would never allow it.

Just removed my double quotation marks key from the keyboard because it was a bit sticky/wouldn’t go down all the way and discovered a truckload of dust bunnies and hardened rice? or fingernail under it. Gross!!! It needs a quick vacuum. Perhaps one of those nifty little jets one uses to clean teeth.

The blue of Rockport



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