The chimes senior recital went great I think. It was really fun, playing with the people I’m graduating with. A crap lot of duets, and the trio. I’m really glad I got to play Winter and the double vln concerto with Claire one last time. There weren’t too many glitches and everyone was sounding really expressive and awesome. Got really tired during the day, and tomorrow is probably going to be even longer. But it’s not so bad because I’m not gonna play anything too vigorous on the chimes, and dinner is not completely my responsibility, as it was today. I think I’ll just be in charge of the pandan cake and the mushroom au poivre sauce. The charsiew today wasn’t too bad (although we had to buy a new bottle of charsiew sauce), and there were too little veggies (well, I was trying to clear them so I didn’t buy more) and the sauce didn’t soak through the egg for my ru dan because I didn’t simmer it long enough. bah.
We did manage to pick up our caps and gowns and tassels in the end, tomorrow we’ll have to remember to get our honors cords in the morning.

Sindy gave me three roses with a bunch of baby’s breath for my recital and it was really sweet of her. She also got me a bag from Honduras. I didn’t tell her my cornell hoodie was also produced in Honduras, albeit in slightly different, more sweat-shoppy conditions. She wants to meet up on monday morning but I have a research meeting with Ed at 1.30 and will undoubtedly be trying to rush out his work then. Her parents managed to rent a house by the lake! On graduation weekend, no less. Stupid Amrita asked to get her name put on the guest list and didn’t show up, true to form.

The photos from Rockport and Boston are great. I didn’t really take many photos of Boston, somehow we didn’t really hit many attractions, or see MIT properly, or walk along the Charles River. Just took some of the wonderful food – we had dimsum for breakfast one morning and fresh lobsters at Rockport and then his parents’ anniversary dinner at Skipjack’s Seafood Emporium, which was amazing. Their clam chowder really hits the spot, and their lobster bisque isn’t half bad either.

All the seafood we managed to consume was just incredibly exciting. And today we had fish at the Ale House! And more of their fabulous french onion soup, the one I cannot recreate. I imagine it uses bacon, which is not included in the French onion soup recipe I use. T

here were also lots of really pretty flowers in Rockport, summery and purple and bright floppy pansies. Intricate flowers like I’d never seen before with horns as petals. You know the kind you draw when you are young, imagining what flowers look like based on your lego sets and polly pockets – they are actually real.

Today I learnt that “imba” is short of “imbalanced”. Which is really strange because people don’t pronounce it “im-beh” as in “imbalanced” but “im-bah”.

Yesterday I learnt that I have a golden brain. I did this which side of your brain is stronger app on ggy’s ipad(?) and it couldn’t decide which of my hemispheres was stronger so it concluded that I have what is known as a golden brain. What on earth is a golden brain?



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