We road tripped to Boston today with a stop in Albany for lunch (Olive Garden!)
Did you know that Albany is the capital of New York?

Today I discovered that
1. It takes about 7 hrs to drive from Ithaca to Boston
2. People in MIT like to build tesla coils
3. Mothers are Very Important (I met some motherless people today and there is a lot of cluelessness in the way they behave.) I don’t mean that their mothers are dead, I just mean that their mothers are for all intents and purposes, useless. It really puzzles me how so many people can take on the mantle of parenthood without a care as to their competence or passion for parenting. I surely have no desire to have a young charge, nor am i at all convinced at my competence in bringing one up to be a decent human being. Everyone else is either incredibly presumptuous or do not have control over their procreative instinct. I must say the two set of higher profile parents who are doing it right are Mr Brown and the parents of Dr Jia Jia.
4. Olive Garden breadsticks are best fresh out of the oven
5. Red lobster is better than olive garden
6. We are not missing much at Symphony Hall because the Boston Pops are on now and they have a very America-centric repertoire. I’m not really a big fan of American classical/contemporary music. I can barely tolerate much of Copland’s output. Gershwin is okay. But it’s just not the same as having a star come in alongside the BSO playing one of my favourite concertos.

Also I was uncomfortable today because there was a very outspoken personality who just joined our social construct who insists on having his way most of the time (not insistently, just by sheer loudness and enthusiasm that nobody wants to disappoint him by contradicting him or suggesting alternatives :P). the rest of us are pretty quiet and compromising. well, i’m not very compromising but of course it’s not my trip, so i’d be. i can no longer do what i want to do and eat wherever i want to eat. and if we are talking about restaurants, i am pretty sure i have a better handle w.r.t where to eat than this guy even without living here because well, he has a much greater desire to save money. (that’s not a euphemism for stingy, because as i found out, he’s not stingy with spending money on things like electronics or parts, he just doesn’t see a point in spending large-ish sums of money on food). I think most of the upper middle class in singapore behave in much the same way, they all buy very much into delayed gratification, and would rather not spend too much money on “trivial”, transient things like food or clothes, instead spending on long-lasting, inherently big expenditure things.

I’m usually very good at insisting on my own way in a quiet and forceful sort of way, and well, liangze almost always agrees with me so we already have a majority. now i’m just out of my league.



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