We’ve been trading in most of our worldly possessions the past few days – books, clothes, etc. everything for a very small fraction of the price they cost us. It’s really quite unfortunate, most of my purchases (made less than 4 years back) i really don’t know what I was thinking.

anyway it’s summer now and we went to the mall last night to get me some summer clothes! all i have are the t-shirts I came to cornell with (the 10 fila shirts i bought before I left), some of which I tried to sell at Trader K’s but they wouldn’t take any of them. Sigh. And all my berms are like.. wear-in-house kind of clothes. I routinely find myself out of anything presentable to wear, probably because I don’t shop enough. The only things I never run out of are shoes and bags. And I’ve got a ton of those lying about the house. Those also happen to be the only purchases I hardly ever regret and try to sell. Kraftee’s gave us $36 for a bunch of books we had paid a good deal more for (Hoffman & Kunze, Van Lint…) and the rest of our books are going to Amazon’s trade-in. We went to the Amazon trade-in site (Jack’s Grill) on friday only to find a super long queue which is what made us go to Kraftee’s next. Besides the Amazon trade-in only gives you Amazon credit, and Kraftee’s gives you cash. But my mum has been hankering after her ice-shaver which I obviously can’t bring back for her due to luggage constraints, so I can just get one off amazon and pay for the shipping to singapore with all our used textbooks. I really never thought I’d be selling my nautical archaeology textbook and my norton’s anthology of western music but i’ve never had to bring so much crap home before either. Desperation does things to you.

I’ve just had a very blissful weekend with no one bothering me at home! I also managed to stealthily evade three social gatherings I didn’t want any part of and it was great! I think I shall pretend to be out more often. After all, it’s not like descending upon people in their homes with no forewarning is very polite, I am not at all obliged to open my door to guests who come unannounced. Nor am I obliged to leave my house at someone else’s whim to go mingle with people I hardly even like. I even got in 3 hours of piano practice yesterday! And tonight I’m going to bake a nutella tart for my research meeting with Ed tomorrow. It’s amazing how much you can get done when it’s things you actually want to do, instead of stupidly volunteering to solve other people’s problems just because they sound so pitiful/forlorn/stressed. At this point I really wish I had more male friends than female friends. They whine so much less and make so much fewer demands out of you, or at the least, the demands they make are reasonable (like, giving them a lift while you are on the way to something instead of “can you help me pack my shit that i haven’t bothered to pack in the last week even though i’m flying tomorrow?”) i have to admit I haven’t been a very good friend to one or two of my male friends, who i have imposed on (just the once or twice) to help me move my stuff but I always try to give them an escape route and if they fail to escape, bake them stuff to thank them afterwards.

Going to play a remix of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto 1st mvmt with a hymn tonight in church, am rather nervous about that. I love Rachmaninioff’s 2nd pno concerto, but I have my doubts about pulling it off decently. Also have my doubts about being able to pull off Vivaldi’s Inverno, which I have selected for the senior recital. arr. My arms got so tired playing it on the practice stand, one can only imagine what it’d be like on the actual playing stand with actual bells and actually heavy clappers.



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