Go and die

I hate it when people bite off more than they can chew and expect other people to take up the slack. 

I didn’t save up all my time and all my money and all my emotional stability just to spend it on saving your ass from the consequences of your own poor management of resources. By a certain age one should be able to live comfortably without being indebted to anyone in any way, but instead concentrate on increasing the general happiness of his friends.

This week, and in the past few weeks, I’ve been giving away all my happiness points, money, and time to rescue other people from overwhelming stress or depression or brokeness. 

I’ve had enough.  From now on, not only will I choose my friends according to who is intelligent, interesting, competent, and trustworthy, but also according to how little you impose on me.; Your problems are NOT my problems. If you want me to care, you are gonna have to give me a reason to care. From now on I will only sympathise with unforeseen circumstances and disasters that befall you. But if you expect me to give a shit about things that YOU CAUSED YOURSELF out of your own imbecility, lack of foresight, incompetence, etc., you got another think coming. 

For example, here is a list of situations in which you may NOT approach me for help/sympathy:

  1. If you choose to overload on classes and instead of working on your papers, do all sorts of leisurely things, and wind up having not enough time to pack up your stuff before leaving Ithaca
  2. If you spend beyond your means and find out you don’t have enough money to pay for stuff
  3. If you do not lock your bicycle and somebody takes it
  4. If you throw your shoes across a river to the bank and it gets carried away by the current and you wind up losing your shoes
  5. If you descend upon a place without looking for housing beforehand

Do I go to you with these problems? 

Why do none of you show me the same courtesy?



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