Mother’s Day

took chris and rich to the ale house for brunch today (yes, our second time in 2 days) because they wanted somewhere fast with no queue and that was the place. their eggs benedict is really good! eggs perfectly poached, consistent hollandaise… can never get enough of their mini crab cakes (somehow they serve it with the eggs benedict, like the BYG’s eggs katie) but they didn’t put the cajun chilli aioli on top which I love. It was great! They went out to Camp Lamoka for the Lamoka Luncheon on Thursday (this lunch thing the camp organizes to raise funds) and Rich was valiantly defending the woman who cooked the food (their chicken was a little dried out but they got there late) because (as he shyly let slip) he used to date her!! It’s so funny to think of these old people dating. I bet he was real dashing when he was young. I think he’s a cutie myself right now. So sardonic. And Chris is perfect for him cause he doesn’t say real much and he can just sit at meal tables listening to her chatter on. He also let slip that he noticed Olivia had been sitting next to some young man for awhile (Chris didn’t know she was dating someone) which I thought was really cute and we got them caught up on the little we know of Olivia’s love life :P Things you never really expect a 60-something pushing 70 year old man to notice!

Also started Dropquest, which Weixun posted on my wall. ._. i should be reading the research papers ed gave me instead, not sure what I am doing wasting my life away. It’s getting harder as the chapters progress I think, for at least the first 5 chapters what you should do is glaringly obvious (the puzzles are also not as cleverly designed as those for Microsoft’s CPC but you do get free space in Dropbox which is great).

perhaps i should say something about how wonderful chris is to me, since it’s mother’s day, and she is not my real mother.
1. she gives me rides to places when lz can’t, even when she’s terribly busy, like when I had to go up to campus for the math spring concert and lz’s housemates took the car to go play pokemon. In the thick of things in the kitchen at church (they were having a lunch there) she packed us two chicken sandwiches to go because I’d said we didn’t have time to stick around for lunch) and then abandoned everything and took us up to Lincoln
2. She includes me in all her family gatherings, Easter, Thanksgiving, sometimes even before her own family :P
3. She lets me mess around in her kitchen and teaches me useful baking things, like how to make cracker treats!
4. She praises me every single chance she gets (since my own parents rarely did. like, if it happened, it was an annual thing at most), and lets me know how the things I do are actually of worth to someone, and keeps finding me new people I can bless with my music and cooking instead of trying to play down my talents.
5. Everything she does encourages me to be a better person, to be more thoughtful of other people’s needs, to be friendly and inclusive and a good hostess, y’know, things I do not naturally incline to.
6. She celebrates my birthday every year even though I know she doesn’t really do birthdays.
7. She loves me,listens to me when I have problems, and gives me sound advice, and doesn’t mind all my questions about why americans behave so strangely and have such weird government policies.
8. She’s welcoming lz’s family into her home for dinner during commencement, and is cleaning up her entire house to make it spic and span for them (i was labouring under the impression that is was already spotless but i guess college students and homemakers have Very Different Standards).

I don’t even want to start thinking about when I am going to leave and how awful it is going to be.
Where would anyone find someone like her? I may as well have been adopted.



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