Done with everything – submitted my homework for ed’s class and hubbard’s write up, all that’s left is to check grades, and i’m not real eager to see them at present – although how bad can they be?
Lz and I forgot to order caps and gowns. Apparently they sent an email in february!? something about commencement and I promptly deleted it. Are caps and gowns really necessary? I really think too much is being made about this whole graduation shebang as it is (people flying in their grandparents. the day my ahmas know/care that I’m graduating is when pigs will fly). So self congratulatory, the culture here. I don’t feel particularly accomplished, or that I’ve reached a milestone in my life. All I’ve done is completed a PE course. Was it difficult to reach here? Not really. Probably it’s the same self-congratulation people feel in singapore on their 21st birthdays with their silly parties, so I shouldn’t be… racist? Not sure what the word is to accurately describe one’s disdain for Americans.

I’m in a particularly humbuggy mood now. Don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t even feel like cooking, or reading, or any of the other things I enjoy. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the magnetic pull of my bed to have my second sleep, the same way people do second dinners. I’ve been taking evening naps the whole of last week, reading free amazon books into the wee hours when the birds start to sing outside my window, sleeping till noon, and then napping all through dinner, sometimes to the starvation of poor lz and charlotte.

I got dragged out of bed kicking and screaming at 11am today cause I told lz I wanted to go help this church aunty move her stuff – she stands beside me in bell choir and has pneumonia, but is scheduled to move to Kendall for retirement today and needed able-bodied workers. The moving started at 9am but he could only get the car at 11 (just as well) so he came down at 11 and dragged me out of bed and we drove over to Westview Lane (East Ithaca) only to find all the vans had left and we were too late, so we went for lunch at the Ale House. My church has an aging population and it’s pretty amazing how quickly things get done when lots of people come to help! Only 2 hours!

What I would really like to do is go to Sapsucker woods (armed with a can of repellent, of course) and romp around a bit, look for birds and mushrooms.



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