Experienced my first hailstorm last Thursday and saw half-dollar sized hail in the commons. I’ve never seen hail before really and thought the things stinging my feet were falling leaves or something. Until we reached the florist and we could actually hear the hail coming down like little marbles. I always imagined hail to be round like in those illustrated bible story books where hail was drawn pretty much like snow, but ovoid in the ten plagues of Egypt. The hail we got was not round at all, and had pretty rough edges. Of course there was the fact that it cracked pretty much upon impact with the ground so i wouldn’t know what shape it was en route. It was really bizarre cause the sky was yellow (not with dusk, just yellow) and the temperature was bout 18-20°C so one would expect rain. Ithaca wasn’t hit as bad as Newfield though, which got golf ball sized hail. Crazy. The church secretary’s home had holes peppered through her garage roof and lots of little dents in her car. Yikes. We were however hit bad enough to have a blackout for about an hour. Liangze and I were walking down to the commons for dinner, the hail took out the electricity in all the restaurants and the traffic lights as well as my apartment. We had to journey back to make nutella sandwiches and French Onion soup (the gas was still on and I had my creme brulee torch to spark it since the stove had an electrical spark) for dinner and I could torch the gruyere on top of the soup.

Just marinated a bunch of satay and chicken wings for a BBQ tomorrow. Pretty excited! Only the weather forecast is absolutely dismal. The prediction for tomorrow was fine last week, and turned bad over the weekend. sigh! Not sure how to proceed but everything’s sitting happily in the fridge soaking in blends of sauces waiting for some nicer weather. I want to BBQ some shrimp but all the shrimp in wegmans seems to be pre-frozen, including those in the seafood cabinet -.- What is the point of putting it with the fresh fish if it is prefrozen?? I rather they make obvious the date the shrimp were caught. At least the scallops look pretty fresh, and Tuesday is when they update the produce in the seafood cabinets so we’ll go back to Wegmans tomorrow to check out the new offerings. Want to try to make a cava sauce (not with cava, I didn’t have time to buy the cava today but we’ll use the champagne Liangze was given) to go with the seafood.

How to recreate this?

And the scallops in Cava sauce from Pata Negra! Gosh.

I miss the food in Budapest.

Submitted my canalysis write up today and all I have left is Ed’s homework! Feeling very lazy and in the mood for playing all day. Ne varj… lusta vagyok.



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