Free books

I am normally not a huge fan of free stuff. There are lots of hidden costs to the consumer – if there is free food, you have to attend some decidedly boring event and trade your time and attention for pretty lacklustre food like nachos and sandwiches. The best free food i’ve ever had is at RCPRS functions when they cater. They have beggar’s purses and stuffed profiteroles and quiche etc.

Recently I’ve been downloading these free books from amazon (you can find daily updates of free books here for kindle). I usually pick out the more decent reads based on
1. genre (i am a sucker for religious romance and maybe historical romance. the kind of books by which one can learn about another lifestyle or another country while sitting through some cliched plot line). I also download recipe books and illustrated children’s books because children’s books are seriously expensive nowadays.
2. cover art – most of these free books have really pathetic cover art that took some underpaid artist (or heaven forbid, the author him/herself) all of 3 minutes to do in paint
3. reviews. anything less than a 4.5/5 stars is a no. If the book is free and it still gets less than 4.5/5, it must be truly shitty

The hidden costs if of course, your time in reading it, the author’s guilting you into giving a review, and worst of all, if the book is the start of a series, a need to find out what happens next. that’s right, I get suckered into buying entire series just because I read the first book that was free. each subsequent book isn’t that expensive, maybe $5 apiece? slowly but steadily i will soon own the entire canons of authors who aren’t even that talented simply because their work is cheap. The main problem I have is that the authors I actually follow (Douglas Coupland, John O’Farrell, Nick Hornby) take entire eons to publish (okay, more like years) and am I just supposed to sit around and wait for them to be done writing? What will I read inbetween?

Banfi’s has lobster mac & cheese now! which I’ve been craving for some time.

I should really learn how to make this.



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