New tasks for this week

1. Spring concert on Sunday. I told Jenny about it and she told the rest of the chimesmasters. I hope they don’t come :S I have barely practiced. The piece sounds absolutely beautiful though. We heard it on the radio (the classical station here) about a week ago and we both really loved it.
2. Combi homework which I haven’t touched in ages
3. Research which is due tomorrow only I spent the whole of today fly fishing and reading chicklit. I wish I had a smashing French boyfriend who was enlightened and knew how to enjoy life and had his own apartment and merc and who would plonk down 600 euro for a single dinner just because he thought the memory of the evening would be worth that much.
Saw some rainbow trout up by Myer’s point but no bites. You know there are parts of cayuga lake that actually look the secluded beaches in the James Bond movies?
4. baking shortbread with charmaine on thursday for her English professor.

hubbard cancelled the wednesday and friday lectures! he’ll be out of town, not sure where. today’s talk had no slides and this chinese dude presented very competently on the blackboard and looked like he really knew what he was about and could field every single question about embeddings (he was presenting on the kodaira embedding theorem). i think hubbard should let us do more blackboard & chalk presentations. after all, it’s not like any of these jokers are gonna prepare slides for any math classes they teach in the future.



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