1. Devotional write-up is due (TOMORROW I WILL DO THIS)
2. 6120 presentation
3. RCPRS Senior Expo Poster : Just finished this. Did it in TeX. Everything is better in TeX. Just koped some guy’s very helpful poster layout, mine looks amazing now, albeit totally incomprehensible to just about everyone but Ed and I spose Ernest.
4. Specialty concert for Alpha Sig – went okay. I really really like Bolero.
5. Spring concert for math dept (haven’t chosen a piece!!!) : am going to do Lecuona’s Preludio en la noche. I had to buy the piece because of copyright issues and it cost me $4. $1 per page. Lecuona’s progeny is certainly making a lot of money off this. It sounds really beautiful though.
6. Judged concerts for chimes (waking up at 7.45am every day T_T) – This SUCKS. but liangze drives me up in the mornings when i’m bleary and half asleep, some of the concerts are not worth waking up for -.- but today we went to mcdonalds for breakfast after the morning’s atrocities and all was better again.
7. Easter bell choir performance (and the requisite practices before Easter + Easter baking) – I still have not made my birds nest cookies. The bell choir performance was our last and I put videos up on youtube. Tiffany and Charlotte came to support lol. It felt very RJC-ey.
8. Piano duet for evening service on the 15th with Judy She pulled out in the end and now I have to play a solo. After I spent all of last week arranging the duet to play with her. And looked forward to play with her. She is a really, really great pianist. She sent me an email detailing myriad reasons why she couldn’t play with me (no time to practice, no ladies’ bible class at church, blah blah blah) and asked me to play a solo. SIGH. all that time wasted when I could have been doing far more constructive. Like practicing piano so I don’t sound so absolutely shitty on the piano now. Poor Zoli. All his hard work for nothing. Like baking. All my cadbury eggs and Reese’s eggs are still sitting in my green polka-dotted bag waiting to be glued onto cornflake cookies with nutella.

Liangze and I are going to dinner tomorrow after a long, long time. We haven’t eaten out in ages because he’s been really busy with his senior thesis and his performance and I’ve been busy too (as evident from above) but not as much as him and he’s the driver. Maybe I need a spare boyfriend? That was probably what contributed to my burning out. Cooking every single day with little help from my sous chef w.r.t washing and taking out the trash etc. Anyway this week I decided enough is enough and went on strike (from all house duties). Charlotte was darling enough to buy a war’s worth of frozen food for us to eat when I’m not cooking, we ordered in Domino’s today (2 for 1 Tuesdays) and the hired help has been coming in to cook for us :D I’ve been living up my bachelorette days in Risley when I ordered food in all the time cause I refused to be on a meal plan.

Time to sleep before I miss tomorrow’s morning concert.



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