His solo was great. Every year the graduating seniors have to do solos, and he picked uh.. something (i don’t know the name of the song nor the musical it’s from) after I vetoed many, many other songs lol. I really liked it (although I vetoed this one too :P), I think they must be very sad to have done their last show. michelle got him a card and tiffany and I got him pansies :) I think the performance in itself wasn’t real together and the audience didn’t have a lot of energy (the shouting mainly came from parents and alum) but it was a nice end where nobody really cares any more and they’re just focusing on having fun. The newbs look like a fun bunch although the guys are vocally a lot stronger than the girls. And Shauntle never failed to impress as usual. I really like her voice. It has a very sylph-like quality but can be powerful too. needless to say i’m really proud of liangze. there were 4 other asian girls with me at the show, and we were sitting in a row next to his bible study leader (a 60 something guy from church) who looked pretty unnerved by having to sit next to us lol. we offered him hello kitty candy and he just looked at me sort of disbelievingly. also since most of the cast hadn’t met me before we realised they couldn’t tell which one was his girlfriend and were probably wondering how he got such a big harem of girls to come for his performance. charlotte looked like the best candidate, cause she was actually dressed up. the rest of us were wearing our home clothes lol. and then we went for froyo and chips on a stick after and it felt very girls-night-out-ish even though i have never really had a girls night out. i am very blessed to have all these girlfriends. i may complain about them sometimes but they’re all special to me in their own little ways (more on this later). and to think they love me! to varying degrees of course. but the very notion is absurd. I’m so grumpy and humbuggy all the time.

I finished arranging Wonderful, Merciful, Saviour for Judy to play with me. She doesn’t seem terribly enthused :/ It’s a mashup with the theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as well as Jinmeri from Howl’s Moving Castle which is all very modern and unlike what she plays. I also have decided I don’t really like arranging piano duets. Very difficult to consider all the overlap with hands. I’ve only really arranged stuff for chimes and string ensembles, with piano, or flute and piano, etc. and strings never overlap! And sound much better than my dinky instrument. oh well.

I also think I may have signed up for chimes breakfast on the wrong day. The judged concerts start monday and I signed up for the sunday morning when I am going to church >.< ah well. no idea what to feed them for breakfast.

Excited for Easter tomorrow! Mainly for the food, I'm sensing my priorities are in the wrong place. we're having easter lunch at chris's and she's making scalloped potatoes and ham and rolls and green bean casserole and jello-waldorf salad and i'm making peanut soup and stir fried napa with straw mushrooms and baby corn for the other china-chinese people who are coming to eat.

I've kind of narrowed my spring concert pieces to either Rachmaninoff's prelude in e or Lecuona's preludio en la noche. The problem with the Lecuona is locating the score. Somehow I think the cornell library actually doesn't have it (!!) and he's not old enough for his copyrights to expire :( I found a stash on them on Scorser like malaguena and la comparsa and gitanerias but haven't located the preludio yet. for free, anyway.

Argh i have to go sleep now. My RCPRS poster is not doing itself :(



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