I dreamt I travelled the world on a swivel chair. I haven’t sat on a swivel chair in a long time. They don’t have many swivel chairs here.. probably cause it’s such an old school and all the old, four legged chairs work perfectly fine in libraries and classrooms. I would love to have a swivel chair with arm rests and smooth wheel action to go places.

Fly fishing was cancelled today due to strong winds (there was literally a sand storm that blew into my eyes and face and shoes at the Fall Creek landing) and will be made up at the end of the set of classes, some time in May. So I went home and took a nap from 6 to 8pm and it was great. No one bugged me for food in the meantime because charlotte was also sleeping (she had a lot of things due today), tiffany had raided the fridge all day and wasn’t hungry, and liangze was at rehearsal till 9.

Sometimes I wish I had less responsibilities.. have been mumming tiffany around and i want someone to mum me too. someone super competent and who cooks well and cares well and will let me whine at her without judging me. someone that will let me lie around all day like a stupid little kitten and feed me and let me play scramble without nagging at me to work.



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