The presentation is finally over… not that there is any lack of what to do with myself. Really need to prioritize before I miss any deadlines.

In other news, I think facebook is getting more and more boring. I usually scroll through the newsfeed to look for interesting/funny articles and conversations, or really good photos (usually posted by the same few jokers). I’ve been blessed to know so many good photographers who put their photos on facebook, but it seems all my friends who actually have a sense of humour don’t post anything on fb. there are only so many cute animals one can look at without gagging. And the friends I have who do post frequently enough are majorly boring. Or attention seeking, which is also a boring trait.

the sheer uninterestingness or futility of things on the newsfeed only becomes more stark after i’ve been off it for awhile (when I was preparing my presentation) and well, when I’ve been hanging with Tiff and we’ve been having actual conversations about things that matter (and things that don’t, but they are at least interesting). She likes to pretend she’s me, especially when she puts on the kanga she gave me. A kanga is like a head scarf, pretty much the same as what Muslim women in singapore wear, but you can wear it any way you want in Tanzania cause it’s just a large square cloth. Tiffany sent me one for christmas and sometimes she picks it up and wraps it around her head and yells words that only I would say. Here is a short list of my strange vocabulary that she yells at random when she is pretending to be me.

1. “trolley!” Because we were in wegmans once, and I said we should get a trolley and her eyes got as big as saucers and she was like “what did you say?” They call it “cart” in the states, and trolley makes her think of either 1. trolley bus, or 2. Platform 9 3/4 where they were trying to push their trolleys through. We call it trolley in singapore, of course, (more like “trorh-lee”) which apparently is very weird.
2. “relief!” we were trying to figure out which way to walk back to Risley once (we both lived in Risley at the same time for a year) and I wanted to take the footbridge because the relief was not as bad as walking by the main road. Apparently no one says ‘relief’ here. she was needless to say, really disgusted at how lazy I was lol.
3. “sop!” for when I made us this awesome tofu sandwiches (I might actually post a recipe of these) and I fried sunny side ups with runny yolks to put in the middle of the sandwich. When they are sliced right through the middle, the yolk bursts and I told her you’re supposed to use the bread to sop it up. Americans say “soak”, according to her, which must be true cause I haven’t heard anyone say it here. The runny yolk thing is from Spanglish, where Adam Sandler plays a top chef and makes really awesome runny yolk sandwiches that he eats in the opening scenes and that clearly left a vivid imprint on my memory.



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