Beamer slides are beautiful!! Math formatting and everything. Brilliant package.
Will also be a nice contrast to the LaTeX challenged physicist’s presentation on wednesday :P He had this picture of the Standard Model Lagrangian as his laptop wallpaper and he told us it was the most beautiful thing in physics and it was accurate up to 7 significant figures. We looked at it and started trash talking physicists, how every time their experimental data deviates from the equation by one decimal, they just add another variable to make it fit and he was like “Hey! Don’t make fun of physicists, man. We have feelings too.” Hubbard interrupted and said “Why shouldn’t we make fun of physicists? I think it’s perfectly legitimate to make fun of physicists.” :D I would, but the physicists I know are way smarter than me.

Have only just started preparing slides, which is very last minute but I really didn’t think I needed that much time, only I’m beginning to see where the gaps in my knowledge will show through, such as when I describe how to estimate the asymptotics of analytic functions with singularities before the advent of Hayman’s method.

Tiff-ah-nie is over (that’s how her parents say her name :P) and we’ve been having long talks each night about her neuroses and her issues which are very therapeutic for her (and me) but she has a lot more neuroses than i do and the talks are not very helpful to this huge presentation I have to get out of the way before I can prepare my RCPRS senior expo presentation :/ which I am also not looking forward to. I infinitely prefer presenting to other mathmos than a bunch of laymen.

I suppose I am also not motivated. But hey, I have friday, saturday, and sunday! No worries, right?


April has far too many commitments than I would like.
1. Devotional write-up is due
2. 6120 presentation
3. RCPRS Senior Expo
4. Specialty concert for Alpha Sigma (this saturday, am terribly ill prepared due to all the silly compets hogging the practice room, lz literally drove me to the tower near midnight to practice (the compets don’t get access after 11pm))
5. Spring concert for math dept (haven’t chosen a piece!!!)
6. Judged concerts for chimes (waking up at 7.45am every day T_T)
7. Easter bell choir performance (and the requisite practices before Easter + Easter baking)
8. Piano duet for evening service on the 15th with Judy (also haven’t chosen a piece)

At least most things will be done by 15th April, that’s the last submission deadline that I know of and I can go back to concentrating on Ed’s homework and his research and practising piano. I think the RCPRS expo is the most pointless one, it will be absolutely futile trying to teach a non-math person (even a math person) my research in 15 minutes. I had to go through weeks and weeks with Ed before we even made any headway and they expect me to explain it to people? It’s not like fruit fly research, or linguistics research, or anything that can actually be summed up pithily in a sentence! But it is a requirement, and I certainly should do it after taking all their money (and it wasn’t a small sum) all these years.



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