I am as brown as a berry. Somehow I couldn’t tell how tan I’d gotten in the hotel bathroom but back in Ithaca i certainly look like I changed race about two continents away. when we refilled the car’s tank before returning it at the airport, the attendant at the petrol kiosk asked where we were from and lz told him we were from singapore. He said “Singapore huh? The lady looks filipina!” I in general don’t look super chinese, could be a mixed blood peranakan/malay type hybrid (some guy in my MEP class in JC thought I was malay for about 3 months until I said something in chinese) but yea I guess I could look pretty filipina. I think they are in general slighter than me though, if the maids in Singapore are anything to go by.

I miss the clear blue skies every single day, but all the trees in ithaca have sprung into bloom. It is a different kind of beauty here. The more subtle, quiet, ponderous kind. the cherry blossoms and the pink and white and yellow all down buffalo street. Daffodils and crocuses and tulips have all sprung up too! We finally headed to chipotle today and the food was cheap and good. Not that many college students too cause spring break isn’t quite over yet. Their adobo chicken is certainly spicy! I bought a bottle of adobo seasoning for tacos this week. Had to get all sorts of tofu and portabella for the vegetarian who is coming to stay!

We are going to practice fly-casting on the pond on wednesday and I haven’t ordered my waders like I planned to over spring break! I have however ordered my easter chocolate from Neuhaus :D they have free shipping for 5 days from yesterday. And I told hyangmi I’d bring her a souvenir from the caribbean for covering my saturday morning concert but I didn’t because there really isn’t much in the way of souvenirs there. I mean, useful things that one might actually want. So she’ll just make do with some neuhaus easter eggs, which I’m sure I’d infinitely prefer if I were in her shoes.



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