New Car

Lots of drama today
1. We got our car. It’s not a Kia Picanto, but a Honda Civic.
2. We went to North West Point, according to a recommendation of one of the ladies on the boat yesterday (we were on a tour of the neighboring islands and snorkel areas), there are lots of shells there.
3. Went to one beach access entry, no shells. at least, no nice ones anyway.
4. Attempted to go to second beach access point in the national park up north of Provo.
5. Car got stuck in sand.
6. Called 911 (we didn’t get a cell so could only call emergency numbers) and they called our car rental company for help.
7. Two islanders came back from surfing and got stuck behind us (this is a very narrow, sandy road.)
8. The guy with the 4 wheel drive managed to backtrack and slide by us.
9. The guy with the 2 wheel drive (like us) got hopelessly stuck.
Driving in deserted beaches protip: When on sand, drive FAST. You need all the momentum you can get to not sink your car hopelessly into oblivion. The second guy could have made it out if he didn’t have to stop for us.
10. Guy from Caicos Wheels comes by in truck and is optimistic about pulling us out.
11. Yay.
12. Guy from Caicos Wheels’ truck gets stuck in the sand.
13. We go from vehicle to vehicle, digging sand out from under the wheels and inserting wooden planks below the wheels to try to gain some traction.
14. I got to drive! Well, only technically. Our car was so stuck in the sand we didn’t go anywhere in a hurry even though I floored the accelerator. I had to drive so the three other manly men could push the car. They should be thankful the car was stuck lol.
15. We got the 2 wheel drive surferdude’s pickup truck out after much huffing and puffing. The rental company guy even plonked me in the back of his pickup to redistribute the weight of the pickup (otherwise it would all be concentrated at the engine with nothing in the back to grip the planks).
16. Reinforcements from the rental company arrive and drive us out to a warehouse where we are reassigned another car. Way more compact.
17. Caicos wheels mechanic goes back to the middle of nowhere, North-West Point to try to get the truck and the car out with a buggy :S
18. Perhaps there will be traffic jam up along that dirt path by tomorrow with cars in a row all trying to get each other unstuck.

Pretty eventful day. It was nice being stuck there though, with the waves crashing at the beach not too far away. And the weather is cool, it’s completely unlike being stuck in snow, which I have not experienced, but there was no freezing.
Drama like that never happens to me. I kind of wish it didn’t. But i’m not really complaining, it was partly my fault for wanting to go to North West Point to pick shells, partly that woman on the boat’s fault for not telling us we need a freaking 4 wheel drive to go anywhere near there.

We’ve been eating really well lately. The portions here are good (not generous, so we are not stuffed), and also very delicious. Today we went to the Magnolia Bar & Grill but they were out of lobster tails, which was the whole point of going there for me. However I got to try their banoffee pie (being a British territory, they’ve got pretty good British desserts!) and it was gooood. Liangze got a lemon tart brulee which was okay, should have gone with the vanilla roasted strawberries with ice cream.
We also got to try the food at Da Conch Shack which was recommended by locals and tourists alike. It was alright, I think. I liked the cracked conch (it tastes a wee bit like calamari) but the fish and chips at the Tiki Hut is better. I’ve been posting the reviews on Trip Advisor and have hit the highest level of seniority as a reviewer! Which means I get a gold star with a yellow glow around it lol.

Fact of the day: The islanders here really pronounce ‘man’ as ‘mon’. As in, ‘Thanks mon’ (after receiving a tip) and ‘No worries, mon.’ (after we thank them for something). It’s rather endearing.



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