After the rain

Conch salad, ceviche style, from the conches we dove for. I brought one up!

Trying out the waterproof case for the camera.

Well it works. Photographer could be better. I was too seasick and just about ready to hurl to take any photos, so all of them are due to liangze.

He was real excited to be able to see everything because of the degree-d goggles!

The marina outside our hotel at dusk. Our boat dropped us off right in front of our hotel :) Cause it docks at this marina.

A truly wonderful lobster thermidor with mango sauce for dinner at Sharkbite Cafe. There are so many creative ways of doing lobster here! I’m going to have to bring the dining guide back, it’s got quite a few recipes.

We can’t wait to snorkel again. Discovered that we don’t need the snorkel mask with our goggles, just the mouth piece, which may be a worthy investment.

Neuhaus sent me an advertisement for free shipping next week! Which means easter eggs! :D I actually open some of those Neuhaus/Gilchrist & Soames/Pottery Barn/Kate Spade emails when I’m bored.

None of the combinatorics homework is getting done, although liangze says some of the matroid questions are from 4420, which I should look into once I get back. I should also be coding :S instead of watching the Colbert Report every night :P



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