Part Two

We had pinkberry for the first time today! At the North Carolina airport in Charlotte.

It was goood. Love fruity pebbles. And the chocolate krispies.

Here’s a pic of our plane touching down in Providenciales

And a pretty nice room..

Which could have fit 4 people.. maybe it’s better to travel in grps after all. But I am so finicky about who I travel with and more people = more complications, as evident by some people’s cruise :P

A friendly gecko near the hotel

There is a little island northeast of Provo that is called Iguana island and we are going to sign up for a tour package that lets us go check out iguanas there! Can’t wait.

A glass bodied boat. Looks a bit like a kayak.

Looks like fun! Don’t think we’ll do this though. Probably a lot cheaper in South East Asia. Although there is so much wind here the boat could be practically motionless and the parasailing people would still be held aloft.

The umbrella I’ve appropriated. All these hotels have very nice deck chairs (swanky too, some even have sofas out on the beach) that are open to anyone. There aren’t that many people here (definitely less than the Bahamas), which is perfect for our purposes.

Our deckchairs. Everything is pretty deserted near where we are (Turtle Cove). All the action happens at Grace bay, and we are getting a rental car on Tuesday to hunt down restaurants. The hotel provided a dining guide with an amazing looking lobster thermidor in one of the restaurants that I have to try. They also put the recipe for the lobster thermidor in there! Will have to try it with the Wegman’s lobsters. \

Look at the second paragraph! It’s pidgin french! Written as it’s to be pronounced! Liangze spotted this curio and I was really amused. It’s just like saybon in J8 haha only that is lame and pretentious whereas the islanders here actually speak this variant.

On the way back to Turtle Cove

To Baci. It’s a decent restaurant, but I thought the fish was overdone (tough as leather) and I could have cooked everything a lot better. Here’s the food:

Fish and clam chowder. Quite flavourful, especially because of the fish. Not too thick, which we like. Cream tends to dilute the taste.

Capellini with lobster sauce. The lobster was also overcooked :S

Grilled wahoo in white wine. Could not detect a) the white wine b) the BBQ-ed ness. We think it’s because there’s not enough skin on the fish. This was one of the specials cause it was freshly caught today. I guess I am not a big fan of wahoo. Really liked the capers though.

A pretty nondescript tiramisu. Have been meaning to make this for ages but haven’t gotten around to it.

We headed back to look up our transport and entertainment options for the next few days and have settled on a few things
1. we need a car. being a british overseas territory, they drive on the left side of the road and have lots of roundabouts, but the roads aren’t too complicated so liangze will have good practice with it. I think we rented a Kia Picanto, I somehow remember it being a manual. Better ask Eunice, who also drives one.
2. we want to do a half (preferably full but those are crazy expensive and also sound pretty tiring) day tour that goes to the Iguana island, allows us to snorkel, dive for conches, try the conch salad, and hunt for sand dollars :D
3. we want to go to the conch farm at the east end of Provo
4. everything here is crazy expensive (tax alone is 11%!!!) and we need to go a bit more budget for our lunch options. More pizzas and quesadillas and that sort of thing. At least the Jamaican cuisine here seems affordable. Jerk chicken and shrimp kabobs and all that.
5. I kind of want to go on the glow worm tour but I have no clue when the full moon is and also I’ve been to the one in Kuching (I think) and it was rather underwhelming. I wish they glowed like the photoshop glow function but it’s just a bunch of blinking that makes you feel like your eyes are going bad. Pretty cool, but I wouldn’t pay $40 for it (and I’m sure it costs more here.)
6. we are not interested in glass bottomed boats or semi-submarines because my mum got us those degree-d goggles and we are going to use them to see fish!
7. anything we need (hair ties, caps, visors, etc.) should not be bought but picked off the beach. today we found me a hairtie (my hair is getting annoyingly long) and a visor to keep the sun out :P

Watched the Lincoln Lawyer for tonight’s movie and it was cool. We are very worn out from all the flying around and walking through a long stretch of beach, perhaps it is a sign of aging? Not sure if any of Ed’s homework is going to get done, even though I did print it out, and bring foolscap and pencils and erasers to go around :P According to Ernest the bio PhD students don’t get a spring break, or any sort of break apart from public holidays. Probably explains why he’s still around Ithaca. good grief. liangze rightly pointed out that the poor sods have labs and actual physical environs they need to be present in, but the laboratory for the mathematician is in his/her mind, which can be taken anywhere he/she goes. Whether we choose to enter that laboratory while there is all this snorkeling and beachcombing to be done is another issue altogether of course.

(As you can see from the abundance of photos the internet here is spankin’.)



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