Part One

In New York. This city makes me fear for my health, especially riding the crowded 7 train to Flushing, which is near to our airport hotel. We had to do it twice today, I really need bus pants like Sheldon. I only packed one pair of pants, not really anticipating wearing them because it’s not supposed to be cold where we’re going. I feel like you could catch herpes just sitting on the subway here. Well now we’ve separated our new york clothes from the rest of the clothes to prevent contamination.

Times Square. Some parts are so bright you can't tell night from day. Some parts also smell like pee :/

I hate how searching for weather on google gives you the weather in fahrenheit by default. It looks like it’s set to rain in the T&C islands sunday, monday, tuesday… -.- when the tourism website says it experiences 350 days of sunshine in a year. what are the odds! oh well, i like rain on islands too. i like it especially when it rains in singapore. i wonder if the caribbean will be just as blue when it rains and when it doesn’t.

We went off in search of our beard papa today, and got a matcha frosted paris brest, an original cream puff, and a chocolate fondant :D

Green tea Paris brest, which is kind of like a choux donut filled with cream

i love beard papa’s cream. It always tastes so freshly prepared, and the servers are actually japanese. I feel like the choux pastries are getting smaller and smaller though. I remember being 15 and buying their cream puffs from the Plaza Singapura basement (way back when it wasn’t renovated and still had a beard papa store, not sure if it has one now?) and they were huge! Or perhaps it is that I have grown bigger and those things in relation to me are smaller, I don’t know. We bought a box of mini puffs for yanshuo, who we met for dinner! At Men Kui Tei, or the ramen joint I always go to when I’m in new york, cause it has a pretty good tonkotsu broth and oyakodon. Today’s oyakodon was a little bit disappointing (not because we stuffed our face with cream puffs right before dinner) but the tonkotsu was still great. and cheap! Which was nice, cause I kind of told yanshuo a bowl of ramen there is about $10 which is pretty cheap, considering its quality. Poor him is stuck with a bunch of other people kind of on a foodie trip to NYC, who are going around trying out expensive restaurants that are not really his cup of tea. Think he doesn’t care that much about food.

We went for Seminar afterward! Alan Rickman was fantastic. So scathing. Lines like gunshots. Fast paced, witty, everyone was kind of melodramatic though, apart from Alan Rickman. I don’t even feel he has to act snarky, he just has to be himself and that’s the result. They auctioned off signed posters at the end of the event, something about funding the theatre program somewhere. Two crazy people bought the posters for $325, probably both of them chinese (i only got to see one of the bidders). I think a lot of chinese now in manhattan have a lot of money and no real sense of what they should spend it on.

On the other hand, you meet the other kind of chinese en route to flushing (which is like the chinatown in queens); liangze and i noticed that a lot of chinese on the train (and chinese in general) like to carry around appliances, like daily household objects. there was a woman on the train carrying a mop. the rest of the chinese all carry big bags of useful things, cleaning fluids, fish, etc. You don’t see many of them carrying inessential shopping, like what I assigned charlotte to buy for me in Syracuse yesterday (a quince aromatherapy diffuser and a can of williams sonoma crepe mix). But why would anyone carry a mop on a train? Like why are they always buying cleaning stuff and parading it around? And if so many of them like buying mothballs and cleaning implements why are all the chinese diners still so greasy?

we surmised that chinese people are always carrying useful, essential things because they like to save money and don’t just go around buying aromatherapy diffusers. But beyond a certain point after they have saved all this money (through several generations), the generation who has inherited all that wealth borne of the mops-and-detergent-only budget has very little clue as to what to spend it on (not having any example of extravagance to follow) and start buying all these burberry products and random branded and quite pointless things. like how michelle got me a branded pouch for keeping a hair curler in for my birthday. I don’t even have a hair curler! She thought it was for spectacles, although I really don’t think anyone would keep their spectacles in a cloth pouch as opposed to a rigid case. But that’s a classic example of a chinese person with too much money spending it on really ridiculous things, sort of like things they have held back from buying from their upbringing and now given full rein over their savings (an emancipation of sorts) they actually spend it as stupidly as humanly possible, like on $325 play posters.

got to turn in, have a plane to catch tomorrow!



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