Can’t wait for this problem set to be complete. struggling through it, but I’ve got today and two more days.. And then we’ll be off to sun and sand and sea!

I met with hubbard on monday and ed on tuesday. Finally had a productive/conclusive meeting with hubbard, and i can start preparing my presentation and the proof of hayman’s method, which allows one to estimate the asymptotes of various generating functions in combinatorics, such as stirling’s formula and the gf that counts the number of involutions on n letters. it’s a pretty interesting result from not-that-difficult complex analysis, but requires one to be somewhat meticulous.
Told ed i’d finish up his code by the end of spring break hopefully, and that i wasn’t bringing my computer on the trip so i couldn’t code there but i’d work on it when i come back. He said he realised I was texing his notes in class and said if i was willing to give him the notes he’d be willing to consider that in place of the exercises, i.e. i don’t have to do any homework for his combinatorics class. TeXing out a semester of notes is a pretty non-trivial task, especially if you are a slow typist, a slow teXer, a slow programmer, etc. Virtually impossible if your class has lots of diagrams (like complex analysis). I told him that of course he could have my notes if he wanted and (being the good kid I am) I should probably still do some of the exercises and was planning to do so over spring break. All the adults here in bell choir and in school who’ve asked me where i’m headed for spring break have not heard of the turks and caicos islands but get the gist when i tell them it’s south east of the bahamas. they have all told me to have a good vacation and to enjoy myself thoroughly.. makes me feel a little guilty because they all seem to think i have been working myself to the bone which is a blatant lie.

i have been watching a bunch of movies lately,
don’t know why i am doing so considering i have homework due on friday, i’ve just been terribly unmotivated. i’ve split my homework up into 2 questions a day to be completed, so I don’t have to worry terribly much about it each day, but i’ve also been watching one movie a day instead of working on my code or my combinatorics homework or my presentation D:

(ryan gosling is too cute) i think the semester has just reached a point where I am mentally “done” with school. I know Sudesh is, he posted a status saying “back home! Nothing like extending spring break by a week.” >.> hate him. But to have done that he obviously had to finish up his complex analysis homework by monday, pretty much, whereas I spent my weekend fooling around, i’m not even sure what i was doing. certainly not work. I didn’t even read the pertinent part of the Ahlfors textbook on elliptic functions I planned to read. it just whooshed by! I guess I spent part of sunday preparing for my meeting with hubbard on monday and texing liangze’s senior thesis draft, and most of saturday just sitting around playing draw something and shaking my sand globe to see what shells are inside haha. and friday playing spades with my gambler-housemate and chianyeh and tzerhan and this freshie called serzheng. i asked chianyeh over to dinner and the other two just somehow invited themselves over. tzerhan wanted charlotte to fix his hair cause he said some part was sticking out (his hair sticks out all the time it’s crazy, the kind of thing cutting can’t really fix lol) serzheng was a pretty good partner for spades, only that he’s so silent and always has this poker face you can never tell what he’s thinking!

Feel bad for not making anything for pi-day! I think a nutella tart round about now would have been perfect. Maybe next next week.



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