Shopping trip :D

The new doodle for the living room whiteboard
anniversary card we bought for his parents cause they'd get it and mine wouldn't. well hopefully.
a beautiful hand potted mug with teal interior! and a curlicue design on the side that seems to rise to the surface. by an artist in ithaca.
side profile
designer sticky notes! there was a pretty japanese version i'll probably get for rebecca's birthday.
purple notes of all shapes, sizes and hues :)
a sandglobe :) containing bits of volcanic sand, colored glass pebbles, seashells, and starfish...

there was a sale of sorts down at a shop called 15 steps in the commons carrying lots of artwork by ithacan artists. i’m on the mailing list so i got a 20% off coupon that expired today and used it on the sand globe and on the mug. my birthday present to myself :) especially since i’ve started research again and am earning a non-negligible amount. they are so pretty!!! :D I really like the sand globe. it’s like the opposite of a snow globe and the display always changes depending on which seashells surface from the sand each time you shake it.



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