Grilled chicken pineapple quesadillas

Made pineapple chicken quesadillas today! Without a grill, cause well, i don’t have one. It’s a pioneer woman recipe, and it was good! Although I tweaked it a lot as usual. I learnt that all the pre-shredded cheese in supermarkets are covered with corn starch to prevent em from sticking together. No more of that! I bought a block of monterey jack and grated the whole thing this morning. It was just enough for the three of us:

For three people, I chopped up and seasoned one large chicken breast with taco seasoning, some barbeque sauce, and chopped onion (think big mac size). This sat in the fridge since monday, I really don’t like the look of her chicken breast in the recipe, all white and probably tasteless.

Fried the pineapple slices in olive oil:

Tossed them very lightly in some thai sweet chilli after.

Fried the chicken together with large slices of onion rings, fajita style, until some parts were burned just right. Added more barbeque sauce, and then layered everything onto a tortilla (preheated in the microwave for a minute)

That’s monterey jack on the bottom, chicken, spread out, fried pineapple, and then more cheese, before putting another tortilla on top.

Slice it up real nice with a pizza wheel. This meal was planned to finish up some of the sour cream that has been sitting around since we had tacos :D

I would say it gave the sour cream a great send off! And gave the pizza wheel a great debut (never used it before). Even if I made pizza here I wouldn’t use the wheel to cut it, but it goes through quesadillas like a hot knife through butter.
Gotta say, the pioneer woman’s pics look a lot better. There is little natural light in my current kitchen.

Tomorrow, we’ll have baked chicken thighs in a cherry garlic glaze and buttered corn and baked potatoes :)
The best part? Everything will cook themselves in the oven and I don’t need to do a thing.



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