There is something to be said for hardship.

Today was a really bad day.
These were the bad things in order:
1. Had to wake up for chimes concert. Major drag. Was half asleep, don’t think i slept that early the night before either. bleah.
2. Half-asleep while playing the chimes concert. So many mistakes!!! Even the easy pieces. Each piece after the rag was one disaster after another. It made me feel really bad, I haven’t really played such a sucky concert in a long time, and there were a ton of people there :(
3. Went back to bake. The first batch of shells for the strawberry tarts was burnt because I’m using my mum’s apple pie recipe and even though I halved the baking time already I didn’t check on it early enough. And then there wasn’t enough custard, so I had to make a separate batch with just one egg, which turned out a lot worse than the first batch with three eggs. So of the strawberry tarts – the ones with burnt shells had great custard, but the unburnt shells had not so great custard.
4. Ran out of flour and sugar for the green tea bundt, had to substitute cake flour for the chocolate half of the batter and it wasn’t quite moist enough. The cake didn’t turn out as great as normal (probably also has to do with my really old oven) and, when I tried to get it out of the pan it came apart into several pieces! I thought I put enough oil for it to come off but apparently not. Ack.
5. Brought the strawberry tarts for the chimesmasters and left them out for too long (> 1 hr) and there was a weird sickly sweet smell like they were going bad.

This is just not my day! But there was one redeeming thing, that is, the Jewish specialty concert I had to play at 7.30pm. Lots of people came up and they sang along! All these big Jewish guys went to the top, and bawled out Hatikvah and Hineh ma tov and Al Kol Ele at the top of their lungs, which was really moving. And there were essentially no mistakes in my playing. I really like Jewish songs! The audience had a lot of energy and were very excited about everything. Everyone enjoyed themselves, which means so did I. It’s nice being in the business of happiness.

They sounded really united, and like they all belonged to each other. I wish I belonged to an entity much bigger than myself. I suppose I could say I belong to Christ, but I don’t really feel such strong ties to my religion, compared to say the Amish or the Jews. There is infighting, and so many different branches of it, and so many people who give off an inconsistent image of my religion that i doubt anyone feels such a strong bond of kinship (unless they have gained something from the church or from fellow christians), strong enough to sing along to the many hymns I’ve played over the years.



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