self discipline

The L’Occitane bag under my desk has been calling out to me to open it, especially since I am running out of moisturizer. Well not really, I still have three bottles, but I am running out of new moisturizer :P I am a toiletries freak. I like opening new bottles of soap/shampoo/moisturizer and trying new flavours. Most of my soap over the past few years have been ordered from online (Gilchrist & Soames/Bodyshop) and some of it liangze brought back from Harrods for me. But i promised Michelle I would only open the L’occitane bag on my birthday (it’s from her)… which is why it’s stashed under my desk and I won’t be tempted too often. Walking through the cornell store is a hazard now, since they’ve started a Boots exhibit with many different flavours of body butter and other toiletries. Such a pity I spent most of my inheritance (read: scholarship money) in my third year. Buying books! Gah.

Had a really harrowing nightmare last night. I dreamt that we missed our flight to the Turks and Caicos islands, which is coming up in 18 days. It was terrible, somehow I was shopping somewhere (maybe woodbury) and liangze wasn’t with me, and we both lost track of time and only realized about an hour before the flight was due to depart. I got to the airport first but all our documents were with him so I had to wait for him and by the time he got there it was much too late. In order not to forfeit the hotel and the flight back we caught the next flight out which was $1575 each. lol. That’s a crazy figure, I think, considering our round trip flight is $450 only. Not sure what possessed me in my dream to carry on with it. And when we reached the Turks and Caicos islands the hotel was like a dinky, mis-managed water theme park hotel and I had to wear my goggles through all the splashing fountains to get to my room, and everything was really blurry which puzzled me cause my mum got liangze and I degree-d goggles before we left (this part is real. after we went to Krabi and snorkelled and she discovered that liangze could see pretty much diddly squat she was proactive about it and got us both goggles with degree). Then I realized I hadn’t peeled the sticker off the goggles (the one that’s stuck there when it’s new?) and after I did that everything was clear again. And then I woke up. haha. wonder if it’s a portent of anything.

The only time I’ve missed a flight was my germanwings flight to Cologne way back in 2009-2010 or sth. It was really cheap, maybe 50 euros or 70 euros, so it wasn’t too painful. It was horrible taking the train back from manchester airport to york though, knowing i’d missed the flight. all because of some screwup with those “reliable” english trains. I doubt we’ll miss this flight, cause we are staying in an airport hotel the night before our flight, with a 24-hr shuttle to the airport. our Seminar tickets for the 17th have also arrived! so it looks like we are all set for spring break.


Un pensiero su “self discipline

  1. your dreams are very detailed ($1575?! that’s 4 sig. fig.!) and vivid! i can NEVER see things clearly in my dreams, in water or not… maybe i should sleep with my glasses on…


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