Haven’t really had time to post anything, really busy nowadays (even though I had no problem set due this week). All sorts of things are piling up with no end in sight. Supposed to redo some of my code tonight and maybe write to some people i haven’t written to in ages (lz’s mum, rebecca, etc.) and finish off the grocery list so we can go pick the things up tomorrow. The new problem set on the Dirichlet series was supposed to be posted on bb yesterday (friday) and due next friday, less time than a typical problem set but it hasn’t been posted yet. I don’t like being rushed to do my problem sets. But that only means I should be spending the time now working on my research/combi problems. Unfortunately the part that Ed has recently assigned was coded by Sudesh in the past, so I’d probably have to recode it in matlab.

Instead I spent the whole of friday playing the piano and prepping at chris’s house, the whole of today meeting sindy, taking a nap, and then having a dinner of epic proportions at chris’s house (there were only 6 of us, liangze strategically sat with the small eaters, and each half of the table had their individual chicken and satay and claypot rice. Rich ate everything, which is impressive, cause he’s really picky. And Chris showed me all the mail she had accumulated from me over the months I was away. I was pretty prolific really, I sent her postcards from the UK, Romania, Denmark, Hungary, Singapore, Thailand, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, etc. etc. Can’t believe I was actually in those countries over the past two years. It seems like so long ago that I even had time to take vacations like that, and now it’s just work all the way.

Thursday was Chian Yeh’s birthday, and liangze and I went to wegmans to pick up two live lobsters to cook. (We usually get them steamed) I chose two of the fattest lobsters in the tank (since it was to be split four ways) and they were just kinda laying low, but once the wooden rake got under their bellies to pull em out they sure were disgruntled. Splashed everywhere and fanned their tail (I didn’t even know a lobster’s tail had four plates). I told the guy at wegman’s to cut ‘em in half for me, but he didn’t really do a good job. He just washed them really clean, and maybe cut open the tail for one of ‘em, forgot about the other one, and liangze had to finish the job with scissors. -.- And the lobster stayed alive despite being cut in half! Was twitching in the pot when I fried it. Still they both eventually died, and went into a nice chilli crab sauce :D chian yeh introduced me to words with friends and scramble with friends (iphone apps), and I didn’t have either of those apps (basically scrabble and boggle)(mingsee can you download them) so I played with some of his friends and actually lost to this girl in boggle. So embarrassing! gosh. I did download a non-interactive boggle app for android (scramble is not out for android yet, but I have since gotten Words with Friends on my tablet) to practice a bit.

I wonder if I managed my time a little better I would actually be able to write emails to my friends.

I tried to explain what complex numbers were to chris when she was driving me to her house the other day and realised that I would be a really terrible elementary school math teacher. Thankfully/unsurprisingly I have no aspirations of the sort.


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