Just sent hanrong off. Er… from my house. lol. liangze drove him up to the schwartz but it is far too cold and it is too early in the morning for me to leave with them. and i was wearing shorts. i’ve never been awake at 6.51am before! who would have known it was this cold? was going to steam him a lotus bun but i got up late and there wasn’t enough time to do so. rawr am really sleepy now.
i love having a house guest. well, a nice house guest, anyway. i have had other house guests who were less than pleasant where i couldn’t wait for them to leave.
he said i should rent out the living room bed and shave a part off my rent, which is his way of telling me he had a lovely time staying here :P if i rented it out he would have no where to stay! anyway i like it here with just me and cyd4. she, i can easily live with. with another person, given all the super bizarre people who are here and my absolutely lousy experience last year, i don’t think so.

i wish there was a pau shop near my house and i could just walk around the corner and buy a char siew pau for breakfast.
i miss singapore :(



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