Finished the problem set! with slightly under 9 hours to spare.
Well, some parts were a leetle bit fudgey but probably not as bad as the other grad students. They were all pretty dismayed when they got back their last problem set cause Yasemin was apparently very anal. She hardly wrote anything on my script, which is new, to say the least. Maybe (probably) she give me chance cause i’m a noob little undergrad. But this one guy wrote all his answers on a single sheet of paper, Fermat-style, and didn’t think it would be a problem (?!?) My current problem set is at 15 pages, no mathematica graphics, just math, and some of it is already fudged/not quite as polished as it could be.
dear Hubbard, while you are an absolutely charming old man, your problem sets are too damn long! I won’t hold it against you since you gave us 9 days to finish it but if you do want me to start reading up for my presentation you really ought to set less questions. i have a life too, you know. I have to cook for two hungry mouths almost every day and tie my flies (i’m improving) and read all those trashy amish romances just to rest enough neurons to tackle your homework. And thanks to you, my calculus is in dismal shape. No kidding. Just today I differentiated 1/z as ln z.

It was pretty fulfilling though, the homework made us prove several important results, like the koebe bieberbach theorem and the area theorem etc. while i’m not an analysis person per se, i do find it easier to wrap my brain around analysis than algebra. liangze obviously prefers algebra to analysis. We have some common ground on combinatorics.

I am excited because tomorrow I’ll get my hard drive back, which means I’ll get my photos back, the photos I have waited 2 months to edit, since we set off on christmas eve without photoshop, and returned to budapest without the hard drive. michelle’s coming up to ithaca after her business trip to new york city, with my hard drive in tow! she’ll be back for my evening concert, and it will be just like old times. I’m wondering if i should try to play the ride of the valkyries (she is a huge fan of wagner). It is a duet but I don’t think it would be so impossible to play just by my lonesome. Liangze could hit the low C at opportune times :P quite a few of our duets are like that.

Time management this weekend will have to be very delicately balanced, so I can read up on Hayley’s theorem, edit my bajillion photos, rewrite some parts of my program for Ed, and spend time with hanrong!



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