Due anni

I just found out the mindblowing fact that Tom is in Cru! Cute Tom, the one who did my freshman calc class with me and was in my research group, and the one who is the spitting image of Cedric Diggory. He was just adorable. I think seldom are math majors christians, and Tom, well Tom was really brilliant (even lower probability he is a christian; I don’t mean to diss my religion but it is the truth. Something like how people of lower IQ use internet explorer instead of chrome, people with higher IQ tend to be atheists. I guess it is kinda lopsided in the cornell math dept in that the brightest undergrads like tom, lz, yipu are christians). Anyway I just received an email from him on the Cru listserv wishing everyone a Happy Vday and organizing some evangelistic candy giveaway. The first name and the last name were the same as the Tom I know, but I couldn’t believe it so I checked the email address and it is him!!! This is really paradigm altering. Why couldn’t he have joined when we were freshmen?!?? Makes me feel like going back to Cru to kpo and see whether he’s in one of the leadership positions. I would love to hear him speak about his faith. He was always so quiet! I suppose this is why this is the first time I’ve ever seen a non-math related email from him.

Just got back from the John Thomas steakhouse for our anniversary dinner and my tastebuds are feeling pretty blissful.

Lobster bisque

Steak medallions with sauce au poivre and wild mushrooms

My diver scallops with arugula in some kind of aioli and bacon

german fried potatoes

chocolate pate

The food was great, especially the steak. I think the boatyard grill probably serves better diver scallops though. He also gave me a bouquet of flowers, forgot the freesias (maybe they were out? Freesias are the first flowers he got for me) but he arranged other things in, like baby’s breath and lilies for smell and these beautiful purple irises as well as two roses, one rose for each year we’ve been together. I told him the flowers would get more and more expensive given how many roses he has to add each year, but he said “no lah, the count will restart after we’re married.” lol. What a skinflint. I got him tickets to Seminar on Broadway the saturday before our trip to the Turks and Caicos islands over spring break. we’ll spend a day in new york city before flying out of La Guardia, so it’s perfect timing to catch what sounds like a pretty awesome play. Plus I have a soft spot for Alan Rickman. He was absolutely marvellous in Snowcake.

No relationship pondering for now, I have to do cpx analysis homework. I suppose i have reached a new level in maturity when my homework questions perturb me all through dinner and through doing brainless stuff like blogging, such that I actually want to think about them instead of surfing facebook or something equally futile.



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