Today at church Kiarra and Ivan gave me a present to thank me for playing the chimes for them yesterday!

Kiarra picked out the wrapping paper herself! It was a baby pink tissue with little white hearts.

It was a cherry pit pillow!

They even wrote a card themselves, Kiarra also chose the nice colorful pattern at the top of the pillow and ivan chose the red felt for the bottom, and had their grandmother sew it together for me. >< so paiseh.

A cherry pit pillow is a pillow filled with cherry pits that when microwaved, produce a moist sort of heat that helps with aches and sinus problems, perfect for me here.

They really shouldn’t have!! You know how when you’re young your parents always try to inculcate virtues in you like “good deeds/kindness is its own reward”? It always surprises me when people actually do nice things back. It’s very very easy for me to do a nice thing for them, so much so that they really oughtn’t do anything back! It’s not like I had to put in a lot of effort or anything or tt it came to any cost to me, so I feel really bad accepting presents from said people.



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