Point form +9

1. Malev airlines (the national airline of Hungary) has gone out of business and closed for good. It seems rather surreal. In light of recent events in Hungary (i.e. the signing in of the new constitution that drastically limits the religious freedom and other human rights in Hungary) the economy has been very unstable (when we left, it was more than 240 forints to the dollar, contrast with when we arrived: it was 178 forints to a dollar), which has caused many investors in Malev to demand their loans back asap, causing its downfall. The English translation of their closing down statement is super flowery, as only Hungarian English can be: “The thing that we were afraid of, and have tried to put off with might and main, has happened.” It’s crazy to think that we were just sitting on their airlines a few months ago and now it is no more.

2. I made almond jelly and raspberry jello stars today! to go into a nice little cocktail. I haven’t really made jello in moulds, not sure how well it’ll turn out either. But i had a box of jello, and I was bored.

3. Two little kids from church came up the tower today to listen to my morning concert. I did a lot of disney/muppets/famous stuff. They have some serious family issues, and according to chris probably have trouble grasping the concept of people loving them and wanting good things for them. the little boy in particular was supposedly very intrigued by the piece I played in church two sundays ago so Chris, full of do-gooding as usual invited him up the tower, hoping to connect with him through music. I wonder if they know they can come up the tower anytime they want. i think the boy is afraid of heights though. His sister thoroughly enjoyed it, and is actually named after a lioness in the Lion King!

4. Haven’t done any of my homework for the next week, which is not ideal at all. Also owe Hubbard a book list for my presentation, which I need to start thinking about. I hope he hasn’t posted a new homework yet, I really wanna bake some things this week.

5. On the other hand I had really lovely company for dinner today. :) The food was nice but it was the company that stood out.



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