Fly fishing

Today was the first day and it was great! We are going to tie our own ties over the next few weeks and actually head out to different creeks and lakes in April after learning some casting and wading etc. I would really like to land a trout, or some salmon. It looks like you gotta be pretty good and have pretty good eyesight too. Need to find a sort of tackle box to keep all the flies I tie. It’s an interesting sport in that you use bits of one kind of animal to imitate a second kind of animal to catch a third kind of animal. John brought out some rabbit faces (when you skin the face of a rabbit whole) and turkey tail feathers, whose fur and feathers will contribute to our fake flies. Apparently there are all sorts of ways of tying flies that can imitate nymphs, fish eggs, crayfish, crabs, larvae, pond skaters, mayflies, partially emerged mayflies, etc. Of course one probably has to be quite deft with one’s fingers.

Other interesting things I also learned are: fish don’t just eat to satiate their hunger. They eat for all sorts of reasons, to kill an enemy, out of curiosity… (sound familiar?) cause there were some super synthetic streamers (bigger type ‘flies’ that stream through the water) that were bright pink and pearly and that did not resemble anything living but that managed to snare some pretty large landlocked salmon. I guess humans eat for all sorts of reasons too. To feel better, to try something new, for aphrodisiac purposes, for medicinal purposes, to relieve stress, and babies eat a lot of things out of curiosity like lego bricks and their own snot.

I also learnt that piercing the hook through the jaw of a fish does not actually hurt them. they use their mouths to eat or (simply chew) all sorts of very hard shelled crustaceans and their mouths are used to pretty rough treatment. It hurts them so little that many, after being unhooked and released into the water, simply swim off in search of more food and get hooked again an hour later. I bet if I were a fish I would be one of those who gets hooked multiple times in one day.

can’t wait to tie some flies and go out fishing! just need to get some polarized sunglasses and waders, and of course, a nice fly box or fishing hat with a bow i can clip my flies to like brad pitt does :D
The teacher seems rather chauvinistic though, there was one other old lady in the class and he asked her why she joined the course, whether her husband was interested in it or what and she said she had no husband. i guess he got a lot of guys and fishing is a pretty male dominated sport, but that’s no reason to assume that girls wouldn’t be interested. I think it’s a beautiful sport that attracts a very noble, nature-centric, big-minded sort of temperament.



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